Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay, so I work with the assholiest people on earth. Seriously. RUDE with capital R. And I am tired of being nice. Enough said.

And I don't have time for blogging...and it's irritating me. At night, I can barely function---the exhaustion envelops me. Hang in with me please, I'll get caught up.

Happy Tuesday.


SOUL: said...

mornin sunshine!

this all sounds really sucky on the surface-- and it IS, i know.
you resist change as much, or more than i do, so i do understand how you feel lately. well-- as far as some stuff-- i know i have no clue about a thing or two... but i know a thing or two about stuff.

gimmee a break, it's early-- i can't be all miss psycho babble half an hour after i wake up...but i'm FIRST! :))

anyhow-- mary said it best on sundays post (?)
when she said-- it didn't work before-- so we'll do it my way"
no that isn't exact quotes but it's close enough, and it's true---
when someone gets replaced at a business-- there's a reason--- they want new blood-- fresh ideas--
and they chose YOU..

so instead of dreading going to work-- try treating it like you "own" it---
and don't forget-- you are in control-- people will always dislike-- or be distant with a new person at any job--
especially one that has had recent problems...

just get out there and show em what you're made of j...

take it easy-- stay in the moment-- and let God take care of the rest!

have a happy day-- we all love you ya know--

hugs to you--

Portia said...

i love the word assholiest. i've used it a few times myself. sorry to hear some true colors are showing at thew new job. i certainly hope they treat you with the respect you deserve...but at the same time- i say it's always better to find out about the a-holiness sooner than later.
the blogging will come around, it always does, and we'll be here:)

Josie2Shoes said...

Rude seems to be the buzzword of society these days Jamie. I am often too stunned for words at some of things that are said and done by the people I work with - and the people I encounter in other businesses. I guess kids aren't taught manners anymore. Hope you soon get your bearings enough there to feel confident in putting the buttholes in their place! Don't take no shit sister!!

Kelly Jene said...

Wow, it's just a crappy bunch of days in blogland. I'm pulling for you to make it through this time.

I love you.

Amanda said...

I hear you J. Sending some Miss Manners dust their way.


sorry. :( Hope they get a big hole in their assbuckets!

M Chickk said...

Wow, it sure didn't take long for their true colors to show. Hang in there!

Brad said...

It can only get better?

Well that's the crap they tell me when I'm ready to kick the puppy. (metaphorically of course)

At least you can see their true colors. Knowledge is power.

SOUL: said...

just checkin in on ya---
miss you

Josie2Shoes said...

There's not a day I don't think of you and send positive thoughts your way. This hell too shall pass! You told me to believe it, and it did, and now I'm tellin You! XOXO

audrod777 said...

Hey there. Hope things get better. People always seem to be familiar until they get to know you.
I used to work w/this one lady who used to always say things she knew would get to me because I wouldn't join her rude,gossiping little crew.
It would make me sooooo mad that I HAD to go to the restroom and just pray that God would help me hold my temper. Then I would thank Him ahead of time and could actually feel a "shift" in my personality.
There is something about thanking God that takes the ukky's away!