Monday, January 19, 2009

BORING-don't say I didn't warn you

Today, my niece turns eighteen. My ex---the kids dad, turns fifty-nine (holy crap!). Tomorrow, my father would have been seventy-seven. Hmmmm....makes me think of MY 49th coming up in a couple of, let's think about something else.

Martin Luther King there mail today?

I am reading the best book --- THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED by Wally Lamb. I can't read it fast enough, my eyes are really causing trouble. But the book is great.

We went to Sunday church this week, instead of Saturday church. Sunday morning services are much more formal, most people in their Sunday best, but more traditional. Saturday evening services are come as you are, jeans and t-shirts and much more relaxed. I have decided I like both of them. There are advantages to going on either day, but I enjoyed being out and among people fairly early in the day on Sunday. We went to Panera afterward, and had lunch. Then a shopping trip for Mark -- he will be going to Atlanta this next week for training, and needed more clothes. We also needed to go to the grocery store, but by that time I was shopped out, and I am lucky enough to have a husband that doesn't mind going on his own.

I actually got out and walked yesterday, in the morning. I can't go as far as I would like, it's been too long since I have walked at all. The weather was somewhat cooperative, the temps in the lower teens, which I can manage okay, as long as we aren't in the zeros..which is why I haven't walked in so long, the winter this year has been brutal. Like everyone this year, I am ready for winter to take a hike.

Okay...this post is even boring me. I'm out.


abbagirl74 said...

Your posts are NEVER boring! I have started to do some walking myself. I go about 3-4 times a week.

Wish I could have done your shopping for you. I love to grocery shop. Must be the line of business I am in!

fiwa said...

Uh, I didn't find this post boring at all. Does that make ME boring?! ;)

I started a list of books today because I've heard of so many good ones lately that I want to look up in the library. I'll add yours to the list. That name Wally Lamb sounds so familiar... I think I must have read something else he's written.

No mail on MLK day.
Love you -

Amanda said...

I've read a book by Wally Lamb, She's Come Undone. Whoddathunk a guy can write (well) about such matters. Impressive.

Sounds like you guys might be thawing over there, I hope so!

Mary said...

Well, I wasn't bored - so there. We have a Panera fairly close to our house but I've never been there. I think I should - and will sometime next week.

I've been a bad girl about going to church and I need to change that. I like casual church but I prefer the old traditional music. Mixed up aren't I?

Yep, winter can move on along. It's been extra cold here.

Cheryl said...

I'll be picking that book up from the library tomorrow. I can't wait to read it. His other two books were amazing.

Walking in the teens or 20's? I'm impressed.

And I agree with the others. You are never boring. Never.

ac said...

I hope you are having a good week up there. oh.... and....

You could never be boring. ac

M Chickk said...

Oh the low teens and you are going outside, ON PURPOSE!

What is Panera?

SOUL: said...

i want paneras now. why'd you have to mention food? you know better , when it comes to me. now i want the turkey bacon whatever.. dang that was yummy.
did i tell you stace liked it too? well he did... now i just have to see if my non-vegan child will give it a shot. but she isn't much of a sandwich girl.

did i tell you she's like a new kid? she is. and i was soooo happy to get home and see my little fam smilin like they did.

they survived my absence-- and even missed me.

whaddaya know?

i hope you are bein happy.
i know some of this isn't gingerbread cookies, and milk... but maybe if you keep doin what your doin-- ya just may get some.
cookies ! :))

it's great to hear that you're gettin out too. i do know that's good for you.
hey perhaps you could sell or trade your bike (s)..for a --- shit-- forgot the name-- recumbent (?) bike?? - or two?? think that would help? i know they're expensive... but a used one may not kill you/ check around eh?
then you could get exercise and fresh air-- it'd be cool. i think. you could even put one of those plastic cover things over it--no-- not all taped and tacky lookin.. but you could kinda put a clear type of plastic (doors? and top) wind blocker on it-- oh, and a couple side view mirrors. you'd be all set to roll.
don't forget the safety helmet :))

i missed you but i'z home now.
beat down, but home.

call me---- or let me know if you want me to call you. k.
or-- you can holler at me on yahoo. otay?