Saturday, November 22, 2008

A slice of Christmas

I have spent this past week searching for a job. Not that I haven't spent the preceding weeks doing the same thing, but now...when panic is setting in, I have been looking for a job everywhere. Me, and about ten million other unemployed losers, that is. At least, that is the number that Brian Williams used on the news last night. I didn't know I was part of such a large group of anyone, but in this case, I'd rather not be a joiner. UGH. I have several things that look promising, but I have had that many, I have no idea. And how has your week been?

I am having friends and kids over for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to it. It will be very good to have a little laughter in my home, even if it is only temporary. So, there is much to be done today...and also for the holiday, which is looming. I am still not sure how many will be here for dinner on Thursday, but I must confess...I am dreading turkey day the most. Well, not as much as Christmas, but alot. Mom always had such a huge role in both days, but mostly Christmas. This year, I will be doing great just to get through it.

I was forced to buy a new Christmas tree, my traditional one that I had just bought for last year, will not fit in this place. It was a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL was seven and a half feet tall and had hundreds of lights...but it was almost 6 foot across the bottom. Ummmm...not in this apartment. I did sell the old one on Craigslist for a really great price - $75...and I paid $200 for it last year, so it was only used once. The woman that bought it was so excited that she called to thank us for selling it to her, she said it was perfect. So, anyway...I ordered a new tree, its a corner it is literally a "slice" of a Christmas tree. It arrived this week and I had no where to put the box so i put it up. It is the stupidest tree you ever saw. There is stands, in the corner...and even just looks plain stupid. Sigh...


I did go to the doctor this past week, I hadn't seen him (my neurologist) for a year! A whole year! That seems impossible...last year at this time, I was in that damned wheelchair. The news there was good of course, considering that I couldn't walk back then. I did have a couple of things that need watching and a couple of tests that need doing when I have health insurance. Otherwise, good news.

I got my first manicure E-V-E-R yesterday. It wasn't so bad, and I love the way it looks. Doing my nails has become impossible for me, and when you are trying to look's a necessity. So, Janelle and I went and had them done. It was great!

I have been so bad at keeping up with blog world. Looking for employment is time consuming -- it has changed so much. It's almost all done by computer, and sometimes you have to just visit website after website. So, that is where I have been spending all my time. I could end up flipping burgers, who knows? I have been asked what I am doing applying in a place like this when I have a resume that looks like that. Hmm...I do believe it's called survival.

I will be better with every one's blog this week. Have a great weekend.


Cheryl said...

Things might not be rosy but you still have your sense of humor. So, a slice of a tree? What a concept, and I'm sorry but it did give me a laugh. I have one of those huge beautiful trees and I really want a slim one. Mine takes forever to decorate and it's just a chore. It's my least favorite part of holiday decorating. Maybe this year Emily won't care if I don't put it up?

You didn't mention the cold. Isn't it freezing in your part of the world? It's bad here. Cold.

Have a great weekend with the family. Take a little break from the computer and job searching. Something will come up for you. I know it.

jyankee said...

I didn't think the tree looked stupid... but that is just ME. The job IS time consuming..good will find something...give it some time. You're in my prayers and hoping you do have a good Turkey Day.

SOUL: said...

it's a cute tree-- but it did make me laugh :))
it doesn't look stupid tho.

have a great day with the fam today.


Smocha said...

I think the tree's kind of cute. But I can understand how it must seem going to that, from a huge one. :)

My husband will be home today , for one week. He asked me "did you put up any Christmas decorations?"

I am in the middle of moving and we will NOT even be here for Christmas.
so,did I go up in the attic and drag down Christmas decor(all by myself)? NO! I did not.

He sounded like a disappointed child when I told him "no"

My friend Heidi used to be my hubbys administrative assistant,when I first met her. Since I have known her she has gotten all her jobs (including that one)thru some kind of temp agency.
Not sure if you've checked any of those.

Lastly, here's my secret to doing my own nails, now that I am blind.
Just paint your nails and get the polish all over the tips of your fingers. (looks like a drunk 5 year old did your nails)Let the whole mess dry like that. Then ,the next day when you take a shower,get a wet wash cloth with some baby oil on it and rub each finger tip . The excess mess comes off like magic and wa la.... a real manicure lies underneath. :)

Hope you have good times with the family .

((( hugs)))

Mary said...

The tree looks nice. I think you have had a big tree and this one looks small to you.

I'd like to skip a tree this year and just do simple decorating but I guess it's not going to happen. I am going to size down the tree leaving more for the kids to play. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Have a nice visit and try to relax. Job hunting is a bad source of stress. My oldest son is facing the end of his contract and looking for another. Not fun.

Brad said...

I think it looks like a happy little tree.

Maybe this year would be a good one to start new family traditions. Let the kids do the cooking and clean up.

Big Love to you !

Romany Angel said...

I think the tree looks delightful Jamie and fits your apartment perfectly.

In regards to the job hunting, I'm sure there won't be a problem there as you have always seemed to get jobs easily enough. It might just be a bit tougher this time of year because most companies seem to be winding down before all the holidays. Keep the faith my friend, all will be well.

Golden To Silver Val said...

So very many good people are out looking for jobs right now....people who have impressive resumes. Its sad and scary. I'll say a little prayer for you and hopefully something great will come your way.
My trees are just my mom's ceramic tree a friend made for her and in my living room, a tabletop handmade pinecone tree this sweet older man made for me years ago. Doing the big tree is just too much for me anymore.
I like your "slice" of a tree and I bet it looks beautiful, especially at night.
Big hugs and I'm so happy your check up turned out to be a good one.

ac said...

I found the perfect Christmas ornament. It's three words, red and green letters, held together by a wire hanger going form one side of the top word to the other, and a little jingle bell hanging off the middle word on the bottom. It says:

"Better not pout"

I love that! lol lol lol

And I also like your tree. I always go for tall and thin. I like my trees like I like my men. HA!

Temp agency might be worth a try. xoxoxo

Amanda said...

It looks so pretty! I also love the statue right next to it, too.

May the good Santa come by early this year.

Smocha said...

You alive out there?

Hope all's well :)


I like your tree, it reminds me of the Charlie Brown tree..something comforting about the fact that you took in this thin tree when most people would pass it by--you've given it a home..

even though it's small..
Happy thanksgiving!! I hope you hold up okay, I'm sure holidays are the hardest, especially so soon..

excuses not to clean dishes,

ac said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jamie girl! Thinking of you and your family. xoxo ac

Romany Angel said...

I just wanted to stop by and wish you and your beautiful family a very Happy Thanksgiving. I know there will be some sadness but hopefully sharing a lovely meal together will help a little.

Summer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

bonnie said...

That tree is not STUPID. It looks great! Perfect for the space. You've come a long way in a year, if you were in a wheelchair. Job hunting is harder work than having a job. I'm thinking of you and sending you good luck. Happy Thanksgiving Jamie!