Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday's child is fair of face

It is September, my most favorite month of the year----I am happy to have it here, I am just wondering where the summer has gone? One day you wake up and it's June, the next day, school is back in session and it's September. However, I'll always take the good and for me, this month is good. :)

Today, I go into my new office and sign the paperwork to begin employment....YEA! I have been off -- being lazy and doing nothing for far too long now, and I have truly enjoyed it, but now it's time to put my nose back to the grind stone and make some money. I am ready this time and really looking forward to it. Except for the tests I have to take, I spent some time studying this past weekend, holy cow---this one's going to be rough. I hope I can start working next week, I do have some required training to do---omg, more training---and maybe I can so some of it this week, I'll know more after today.

I am behind in every one's blogs again, this morning I should have the time to get all caught up--I hope this short work week is a good one for everybody--Later.


Mary said...

I like September, too. It marks the end of terrible heat and high humidity.

You sound positive this morning. I'm glad you are getting back in the groove. You'll be so much happier there. I don't envy you the study/tests/training though I know you'll do well. It's just who you are - you work to excel and what's more you do excel.

Ruthibelle said...

September and back to school.. yay!! No time like the present, huh?

Brad said...

Even though I'm not done with summer, I like Sept. too. I'm just hoping for a good long Indian summer here.

Hope you enjoy day 1 on the new job!

abbagirl74 said...

Yay! Congrats Sweetie!

Cheryl said...

I'm not ready for fall, not yet. It was a nice cool morning to walk. That was nice. And fall is beautiful, except, like you said, it's followed by winter.

I hope this is the job for you. Good luck this week!

Summer said...

So...how did it go today?