Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I spent a good portion of my day yesterday with my mom. It was not a good day for her, the difference in her from Thursday to Saturday was huge. I asked the nurses what the heck, they acted like I had two heads and said everything was fine. But she was not fine, she was sick and about to throw up all day, wasn't eating, shaking all over uncontrollably, too weak to even move herself in the bed, let alone get up and go to the bathroom without help. I know that hospitals use the B team on the weekends but come I got her doctor involved and things started happening. I do believe that she was dehydrated, so I assume an IV was started. I frankly was surprised that had already not been done, but her physician told me that it had not been necessary prior to yesterday. Whatever. When a person is not eating and only drinks coffee, how hydrated can they be? By the time Mark and I left late yesterday, she seemed better. When I am there, she does not seem to care one way or the other --- she is just too sick. It is sad, there is generally few visitors, just me and Richard, and yesterday, Mark. I know everyone is busy and far away, but it makes me sad. We are all waiting to see what the results will be after Mondays tests. I think then, once we all have a good idea of what we are dealing with, it will be easier for everyone to plan or decide what they want to do. I had not planned to go today, I believe that my cousin will be visiting from Arkansas, so I thought that I might take a day off, since she will have others there. But I feel guilty when I don't who knows. It is just so damned far away, it would be so easy if she were here, in a hospital that I know would be better for her, but no point in dwelling on that, she isn't going to transfer. So...

When we got home, we arrived to quite a mess. AGAIN. Poor CrazyDog is just not doing well and she couldn't wait, for whatever reason. I will not live this way, and I have no idea what to do about it. It is not her fault. In all the thirteen plus years we have had this dog, she has never, EVER made a mess on the floor. Now it is becoming a regular thing and I just cannot have it. We put diapers on her at night, because she cannot hold her pee anymore, but I did not know that holding the other was a problem, too. Aside from these issues, she is perfectly fine. Happy, healthy, full of energy. What do you do? A diaper would not have held that mess from yesterday, no way. We walk her all the time...and I do mean all the time. We were gone about eight hours seems that when we leave her at all anymore, there is some issue. Recently, we returned home to find her hung up under the computer desk, all caught up in the cords, the keyboard literally wrapped around her leg. I felt so sorry for her, and she was obviously distressed. Another time, she had some how gotten herself shut in the tiny laundry the dark, holy hell she was upset...this is a bad situation and one I don't know how to deal with. She is too old to kennel train now, that would surely be the death of her. She literally goes spastic when Mark leaves, even when I am home. It is just sad, and beginning to be a real problem.

My kitties LOVE the new couch. They think we bought a GIANT bed, just for them. If I did not have these cats, I would surely lose it. They make my life fun, keep me as sane as I can ever be, and provide the few smiles that happen around here these days. I thank Janelle for not wanting/being able to care for them in her small apartment. :)

Happy Sunday to you all. Later.

ps...the decision has been made for me, I am now on my way to the hospital, my mom called me early...crying. She wants me there this morning... So, off I go. :(


jyankee said...

Hang in there...I've been keeping up with all your news...but not really knowing what to say. Just know that you and your family, and of course your mom, are constantly in my thoughts.

Cheryl said...

I remember well when my mom had her stroke. She was in the hospital for weeks and the rehab hospital for months. It was in DC and about an hour away. Somehow I went almost every day. We do what we need to do. Then my dad had his fall and brain injury. Same routine. I told them both they used up their hospital stays! I don't know how you'll be able to work and travel like this; you may not. You'll find a way to do what's best. It really stinks that every person that's hospitalized needs a family member to be their advocate, but it really is the way it is. On another note, thank goodness for kitties and I don't know what you'll do about Crazy Dog. What a mess!

Smocha said...

Ditto what Jyankee said. My thoughts as well. I just suck at dealing with grief anymore.And words evade me.gah!I do know it was hell for everyone when my mom was ill/dying but that's a whole 'nother story.

Poor crazy dog. We went thru that same thing with our crazy 3 legged cat ,Stew. He became so afraid and crazy that the floor in the corner of my living room became his constant litter box,it became a "quality of life " issue then. Not just HIS , but ours too.
The urinating was due to his kidneys starting to shut down....but the other. Fear??who knows.
We had to have the poor guy put to sleep.

If you aren't ready for that though, perhaps you could offer to pay one of your dog loving neighbors to walk her when you'll be gone all day. (?)

I'm so glad you have your kitties. I literally can not imagine life without mine.

I'll be thinkin' about you.
Hope your day isn't too exhausting.


Mo said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. You are not far from my thoughts. This is a trying time.

Yup, it is the cycle of life and expected to take care of your parents but we are never, in my opinion, ready for it.

Breaks my heart for you and brings back some memories of when my mom was ill.

Glad you have your kitties to keep you entertained. Sorry about crazy dog. Maybe the pup senses distress in ya and is acting out.

abbagirl74 said...

You sound exhausted and have every right to be. I wish I could help you. Hang in there and keep your head up.


SOUL: said...

finally got a chance to swing by and say hi.
life sounds pretty rough out there lately. i miss you...
hope you catch a break soon
love ya

The Real Mother Hen said...

Will keep you in my prayer.
Hang in there.


Raine said...

how bout putting an ad in for a dog walker?

austere said...

I'm so sorry.

Here from abbagirl's.

Gypsy said...

I really feel for you Jamie. I just can't even imagine the fear of losing a parent and thank goodness mine are both reasonably hale and hearty on the whole.

Poor crazy dog. And poor you. I've been thinking of starting a Doggy Day Care as my next venture. It's a pity I live so far away or I'd be happy to have crazy dog as my first client. Do you have anything like that where you live?

Big hugs Jamie and don't forget to take good care of you.


I am so sorry everything is just unraveling around you..