Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am going to copy my friend fiwa this morning, and do a little looking on the bright side of my regardless of what is bad in the day to day, I know every minute that I am still blessed. I am not sure if time permits a post of fifty, as thinking of that many could take some time, but even a post of less is a good reminder for me. I hope each of you are well and having a great weekend. :)

1. I am extremely grateful for my husband. He never judges me, always (at the very least) tries to understand. Supports whatever stupid thing I am saying at the moment...and that is after 12 years of marriage!

2. I am grateful for my sister Trav---she has been here with me this whole week and is so great to have around. We get along perfectly, although we are very different people. I feel for her, somehow she manages to get in on all the drama in my life, and she always understands, tries to make me see the "other" side.

3. Of course, I have the greatest kids in the world, regardless of which bonehead move they are pulling this week.

4. I would be remiss not to mention my other sis - I am very lucky to have her as well.

5. I cannot tell you how lucky I am feeling to have had these past few days and weeks with my mom. There certainly is no guarantee on how long I will have this opportunity, and I have made the most of it.

6. I am extremely lucky to have my kitties, no matter how high my blood pressure rises - and I don't mean this literally, I don't have bp issues - they calm me, make me smile or laugh and help me remember to slow down and enjoy.

7. I love where I live.

8. I love my balcony.

9. I love my jammies.

10. I love michelob ultra with lemon.

11. I feel so lucky that I can walk.

12. I love each and every one of my blog friends.

For now...this will do. I will continue this post next time.


M Chickk said...

Even when times are hard, there are still things we can be thankful for. Especially being able to spend time with your Mom right now.

Take care, Mel


if you were visiting I'd take you into my downtown and walk you around to each and every store that I mentioned in my post--you would love every stop, every smell, every glance, every opportunity for new chances.

I liked this post.
Maybe you could start to write down some of your mom's stories as she carefully tells it--begin the EVERYTHING FIXED book with Chapter one-YOUR MOM--and then each addition added to each chapter, stories from each family member.

A great thing to have for memory sake and to someday read to your own grandchildren, that they will carry on and continue the stories of EVERYTHING FIXED!


Gramma Jo said...

crustybeef's idea to write down memories or things your mom has to say share would be wonderful for you. Wish I would have done that six years ago with my Mom. I read you everyday..don't know if I've commented but my heart has been with you during the difficult time with your Momma.

Maria said...

This is SO like you to stop and smell your roses....

Me? I sometimes feel like Eeyore in Winne the Pooh....

fiwa said...

Jamie, I loved reading this. I love that you took the time to stop and look for blessings during such a stressful week.

I hope you are all doing ok - I'm keeping you in my prayers.


Miss Alex said...

And I am blessed to have an aunt as wonderful as you.

Cheryl said...

We should all count our blessings. Thank you for sharing some of yours with us.

SOUL: said...

this is good-- and i know it wasn't easy--
some call it a "gratitude list"
-- something to do-- when we feel like we have nothing "good" in our lives. it really can surprise sometimes. even the very simple things -- like a michelob w/lemon.
you really don't know the luxury in that alone. (you know what i mean )

anyhow-- i think i seriously need to make one of these myself. in fact-- i know i do. thanks.

ps-- i watched the vid i made for you-- and i just may watch it again.. right now-- it will prolly make me cry-- but it may bring me luck at the pond too-- ya think?

you could watch it if ya want-- cuz it is still true-- even tho we don't get to talk as much these days. you still fill much of my thoughts. you know i worry, and think of you lots.