Thursday, August 21, 2008


Another day, another dollar.

The early bird gets the worm.

Rise and shine.

Fools rush in.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Penny-wise, pound foolish.

Stepping over dollars to pick up pennies...

Never wear anything that panics the cat.

Do any of these apply to your life? Take your pick--choose one to live by today, or add your own in the comments. Happy Thursday. :)



hmm...what could I wear that would panic a cat? A dog suit?

I did the rise and shine thing so I guess I did mine. -and the early wormie too but I didn't use it to fish.

but now I'm tired from walking the road of hell with good intentions that now give me shin splints and foot blisters...but, the more weight I lose the closer I arrive to winning the family $$ contest--so I guess I could look at penny wise pound foolish but not anything else.

I liked thise.

Hope you're okaY!


Trav said...

Never wear anything that panics the
cat????? did you make that up? We
grew up in the same house and I never once heard that. But I do
remember the one "now remember that
an erect .............
Love you sis

SOUL: said...

trav never fails to crack me up-- now i spose YOU have to finish the sentence for her??? i wanna know--

anyhow-- you know my favorite already

can't have nuthin !!!!


Brad said...

I think I'll try on "Fools rush in" it fits me today.

I'll leave you with:

No good deed goes un-punished.


Mel Chickk said...

From the movie, Let it Ride...

You know what they say, 'Nothing ventured, nothing... ventured.'

For some reason that always makes me smile.

Portia said...


lol, happy thursday to you too!

fiwa said...

I'm feeling cranky today, so my entry is "If it CAN go wrong, it Will." or something like that.


Smocha said...

lol, my spouse is sooo old...imagine my horror when i heard him say
"i bet you a dollar to a donut"

NEVER in my life had I heard that one.

Here in the south they have a few of their own.....
I recall ..

"every old crow thinks their's are the blackest"

"you knock my kid, you knock ME!"

"how dare you keep ME waiting!"

"MY laundry!"

"don't you DARE tell MY business!"

Oh ..wait ...that last 4 , maybe that was just MY mother...not the whole south.

Rules to live by. bwa hahahah. NOT!

Hope all's well, you lucky Vegas dogs!

desert dirt diva said...

i like the cat one....the best, so tomorrow i'll be running in my front yard seeing if my cats are scared.....of me when i wake up, after i get dressed , well i'm sure you get it...lolo

Amanda said...

That would be

Never wear anything that panics the cat

followed by

It seemed like a good idea at the time

ac said...

My fave is: A penny saved is a penny earned. Really? I thought 'a penny saved' was in a jar somewhere... Ha!

Hang on girlie... The best is yet to come. Until then, Lay low. It'll all blow over. Hugs! ac