Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Ford Bumpers

So, I think I may need a new back. Yesterday was spent getting ready for today's new living room furniture and that involved moving everything in this apartment. Mark did all the heaviest lifting but it was necessary that I help and oh my back. In the late afternoon, my youngest came to take all of my old furniture to it's new home in his apartment, and once again, there were only two of them and miles to cover, so I felt I had to help. Why apartment complexes feel a need to use staircases that turn a complete one-eighty (his) is beyond me, but it sure makes for an ordeal when moving a huge double reclining sofa. UGH. One thing I know for sure, that little shit of mine is tough. He can yell like an Indian and get things MOVED.

I am excited to get the new stuff in here....and to get my home back the way it should be. At this moment, there is nothing in my main living area, other than a tv and speakers. My kitties are sure that we are moving again, they are so nervous, I feel bad.This morning I have to get the floor cleaned---since it's empty, now is the opportune time. My back has different idea's, however.

Janelle was rear-ended on her way to work yesterday. She was driving her boyfriends truck, because we needed it to move the furniture---and of course, it was the first time she ever used it. (There is no damage to it, however---but the car that hit her sure was messed up, Thank goodness for Big Ford Bumpers) Her neck is really messed up, so she will be off of work for the next few days. Today, she and I have a job to do...this was the day that was supposed to be her due date...she was supposed to have a baby today. So, we are going to commemorate the day with balloons and a bear tied to them, release them to the idea---yes, I know it's lame but I believe that proactive doing is better than reactive crying. Then, we are going to go shop for red accents for my new living room.

Have a wonderful Friday. :)


Cheryl said...

I'm first! I've never written that before; just thought I'd give it a try.

Cheryl said... this the end of the furniture moving? I hope so and that you don't have to do it again for a long, long time.

Good for big bumpers, still, I hope Janelle's OK. I'll be thinking of the two of you today.

Smocha said...

Boy it just never ends does it.
I'll say a prayer for both of you gals today.

Red accents....ooh, sounds so citified:)

can't wait to see pics.

Ya better baby yer back woman!


ac said...

Red accents?! Now we're cookin' with fire! ha! Can't wait to see them! Hope you and Janelle have a good day. ac

Cheryl said...

I do mean teenage daughter stuff. Attitude. Lies. I just hate it! I know it will end, but what an emotional roller coaster for a parent who would give the world for their child. Not fair!

Mary said...

Lots of excitement - new furniture, Vegas, time with good friends!!

What a wonderful way to mark the baby's due date. It brings a tear to my eye to think of it. I still 'talk' to Rebecca on every birthday and think of how old she'd be now and what her life would be like.

I hope you post pictures of your new furniture. I know it will be lovely.

SOUL: said...

hey there my bestest friend in the whole wide world---
you know-- you have been warned--- this is the last time i am gonna let you get away with overworking that bod of yourn. you got it?
the LAST! then, there will be soul to pay. haha. nevermind- maybe it only was funny to me.
but i will go kick your ass if you hurt yourself one more time. geesh , now i know how our spouses feel. STOPIT!

ok.. as for baby day--- i like the bear /balloon idea-- it isn't lame. and i think it will be nice. is it just for you and janelle? or will the boys go too? i think it is a nice way to remember the baby- doing something special, and a little fun, rather than only be sad, and cry-- like you said. good idea. and i will be thinkin of you both. (all)

red accents huh? now if only i knew the color of the furniture. cuz red just fits with nuthin but black or white in my mind--- so, umm... i am gonna have to see pix of this room ya know. cuz i'm seein kinda -- cat-housy-ish-ism here. :))
oh man... sorry-- i'm just kinda tired. well, and on a headache med that makes me a bit loopy.

OH j's neck? she GOT hit?? i hope it's documented well... remember my "simple" neck thing from the car lot??? i hope she's ok.. but even if it seems alright now-- 2 or 3 months from now it might flare up ya know.

give the girl a hug for me alright-- or a kick in the ass if needed :))

hugs pal

abbagirl74 said...

:) That's all I wanted to say.

SOUL: said...

where's the pix???

desert dirt diva said...

hope your funiture looks good.. post pictures....sorry to hear about the rear end thing....and the ballon thing sounds great! when my daughter was late.. bye minutes, she drank caster oil, and the only thing it did for her was give her the craps..and stomach ache...

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh how exciting! I LOVE NEW FURNITURE! With a PASSION. I love how it SMELLS! Oh I hope you post some pictures for us!!!! But Soul is RIGHT. No more heavy stuff Missy!
I did something STUPID which probably had God and all his angels rolling on the clouds laughing their butts off. My last post hints at it. Use your imagination and it will be pretty accurate. HA!
Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, Charlotte

Raine said...

its not lame at all. I have known of people suffering years later for not grieving the loss of a child (miscarriage and such). I think it is a wise and compassionate plan

Amanda said...

I was going to scold you about the back, but I'm just so glad Janelle's ok. I hope her neck recovers quickly.

Wonderful idea Jamie.

Summer said...

I want pictures I tell ya!

Mel Chickk said...

Your balloon idea is very nice. We did that for my dad. We all wrote messages on them and let them go. It was actually comforting. I hope it was for you too.


My prayers that Friday brought you all peace!!

a very nice way to remember her baby,...I will have to suggest that to my friend that had a recent tragic loss back at end of june.

YOur will moves me and so does your daughters..

Gypsy said...

What a lovely idea with the balloons and bear...I hope it helped with the healing and I'm sure the baby was looking down from heaven with arms open wide ready to receive his/her gifts. That's what I like to think anyway.

Hope you and Janelle soon get over your respective back and neck problems. Is there are point in begging you to take it a bit easier Jamie? Hmmmm...probably not.

Gentle hugs and take care.