Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old women should not run

So, my day yesterday didn't exactly go as planned. When do they---you might ask. Recently, never, I would have to answer.But it was a good day. I spent it with son number one, or kiddo number two, however you choose to look at it, and daughter number only or kiddo number one came over for lunch. I did rehang most everything on my walls, and I like the outcome. I also went and picked up my series 6 study manual for my state test...holy crap, holy cow, holy sonofagun. Learning everything in that book will take at least forty-two years, and that will just be the first run through. I have a headache already, just thinking about it. Then, we went and got my address changed on my drivers license...yes, I know fun stuff, but necessary. They took a new photo---I look like I'm getting ready to kiss someone...I was talking, as usual, and he took the picture anyway...but hey---another one of "those" tasks, completed.

Last evening, the three of us went across the street and had dinner, then came home and picked up CrazyDog and took her out for a RUN. Yes, I said run. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Recently, when I am out walking, I have the urge to break into a trot...but I generally resist. I should have done that last evening, as well. OMG ---- pain in places where I didn't know I had places, ow-ow-ow. This am, walking is very painful. I am hoping that improves soon as I have a full day at the Ice Cream Store---doing the last lunch for the factory employees, and then finishing up the cleaning. Stupid, much?

Have an awesome Thursday. :)


Gypsy said...

Good for you about the other stuff but you were RUNNING????? You did say running didn't you? Good hell dear lady, do I have to come over there and scold you good?

You'll ace the test, you always do so don't worry Jamie :)

Gee I must be caught up...I'm first and have been in a few places tonight. Yeehah!

Cheryl said...

I tried running a few times and changed my mind. Have you thought of getting Wii? I bet you'd really like the Wii Fit. I plan to get back to it when the weather turns colder. I really liked it when I was doing it. I ran out of time when I started walking and swimming.

Happy Thursday!

Portia said...

I'm sorry you are in such pain! At the same time, it is wonderful to see how far you have come this year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at one time a run would have been out of the question. Yesterday's plans schlams, who cares, you had a good day anyway and I'm glad:) Lots of luck on the new round of testing!!

M Chickk said...

Sorry you're hurting but, WOW, running! I probably haven't had to run since the kids were little. I know the last time I tried it for exercise, probably 20 years ago, it was painful!! Too much "loose stuff" boucing up and down, you know, like boobs, stomach, thighs... Ouch! Hey, at least you tried. Hope you feel better! :)

fiwa said...

Ouch - running is so hard on your back and your joints! Poor you!

Good luck on the next round of tests.


Brad said...

I think I'm going to have to come out there and be your minder. Biking, running, working...You need looking after. *wink*


ouch..running is painful and shin splints..forget about it!!
It sounds like you got some of your list accomplished and there seems to be a sound of energy in your post---which I'm glad because to me I feel as though this particular post is smiling. :)

no more running, K?

Kelly Jene said...

Running... not a good idea! I will admit though, even as heavy as I am, I love to run... my body hates it though.

I wish you all the brain power and luck for that test!!

Maria said...

I had to get a photo id at my new job and when I saw my picture, I almost cried. I look moon faced and so, so very old...

I HATE photo ids.

Good luck with your new job.

desert dirt diva said...

good to hear your getting things done, i still need to change the name on my license

SOUL: said...

looks like you got enough scolding here for one post-- and if i remember--i may have already done my share too-- so i'll skip that part-- :))
but i will just say to take it easy-- if you can for a couple days.. :)) ya i know-- but i try

so-- the test--studying-- next on the list eh? 42 years is a long time-- will they give you that long? :)) kidding. i'm stupid but not that stupid. how long will you have to study? and how much of it do you already know? i bet much of it-you have already seen or know from the other tests?
well.. i think you will do better than you think you will-- just like the last few rounds.
go forth and conquer !!