Saturday, August 23, 2008

The new room filler...

So, I am over this morning's issues, and ready to tell you all about my new furniture, although it isn't all here yet. Why is there always an issue when you buy something anymore? My ottoman didn't arrive yet, and it won't until at least next Friday. So, I will put a quick photo or two here now, and then more after everything is here. I also had to go back to the store and order another end table, although we measured for the sectional, it isn't nearly as huge as we thought it might be and another end table will fit just perfectly, and that makes me happy. This thing is miles long and we desperately need at least two tables, so that too will be here next week.

I am planning to buy red pillows-I already found two, and a red throw or two, I think that will help jazz up a really boring room...but I love this new thing. It is down filled, has a twenty year guarantee on the stuffing and fabric, guaranteed against stains for five years and has a lifetime warranty on the frame. I will post photos of the whole room when I get it finished, I am surprised how hard it is to find red...why is it, no matter what color I want, it was last year's color? Typical me....

I just returned from the grocery store, so far that's about the only constructive thing I have done all day. It wore me right out too..the shopping is bad enough, but carrying all of it in alone, from waaaay down in the parking lot to up here is really a killer. We have an elevator and I did use it on one trip up, but damn it's really s-l-o-w.

Mark is at the ICS all day today, so the kitties and CrazyDog and I are bach'in it...that looks like bach-ing it, like the the classical music guy...but you all know what I mean.

Have a happy. :)


Mel Chickk said...

Beautiful! It looks like you could just lay down and fall asleep right away. Comfy!!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you shook off the sad. I know for some people it just piles up till life becomes unbearable. I think I mentioned 'tough skin' is my new mantra.

Love the sectional. I'd be claiming Mark's place on it. I also love the red idea. You could change it up whenever you wanted and have an entirely new look.

fiwa said...

That looks SO COMFORTABLE! Can I come over and lounge and watch a movie with you?

I like the color - it looks very cool and restful. Looks really nice with the picture you hung on the wall. The red will be a nice pop of color in contrast.

ac said...

Very nice! I can see red accents. I likey. Will you be my decorator? xo ac

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh I love it! I am partial to sectionals...I think they look so cozy comfy. Yes...I like the red accent idea...I bet that will really look great. I will give you a hint though...there are sooooooo many shades of red out there...if you find what you like...get it all at the same time so the red matches. Good Luck.

Mary said...

Jamie, the furniture is perfect. No substitute for quality and class. I like the rug, too. You do have a sophisticated eye. Red will be perfect. The new fall orange would be pretty too. I have to admit I'm not a fan of orange but there seems to be a lot of it around.

Summer said...

Can I move in with you?

Trav said...

I love it!!! Better than the other one we saw. Now I would have
voted for Rust and choc brown like
the accents in your area rug. But
since I watch HGTV 24/7 now I think
I am an expert!!! It looks so very
beautiful. You deserve it.
Love you Sis xoxox (ps:who is that
stud muffin on the couch - WOW!!

Smocha said...

OOHH! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

You are sooo right about red being hard to find right now. I painted an entire wall in my guest room red, NOW I can not find new bedding with a speck of red in it.ack!

can't wait to see the whole room when you're finished:)

Beth said...

GIRL!!!!! i LOVE that new furniture!!! and red will look FABULOUS with it...even if it is "last year's color"! ;)

and I love that picture over the couch too....mmmmmmm, I think I culd take a really good nap on that thing. The couch, not the painting! ;)


I think Mark has found his spot!!

What a great couch...I love the colors and the size--I dream of having a couch like that!!---
it looks so comfy and I bet the red pillows will look awesome...and throw a brown chocolate colored one too! it'll balance the red with the coloring of the couch and rug accents.

What are those cool looking circle thingies in the background! I love those!!

ME :)

abbagirl74 said...

I am just loving that couch. It looks like I could lay on it for days and not have to get up. Oh, that would be so nice. Where's the remote?

Gypsy said...

Goodness I could curl up on that right now and get in some much needed sleep. Move over Mark, I have my eye on that very spot.

Terri said...

beautiful furniture, I love sectionals myself but hubs hates 'em so we won't ever have any :o(, does looks fantastic tho.

misty said...


Amanda said...

Beautiful! Enough space there for all of us I say. :)

SOUL: said...

dammit-- i thought i commented on this one---
senile much?
i do love the couch!! maybe i just remember tellin you that somewhere else.

have a happy?
a happy what?
a happy day
a happy happy joy joy
a happy dance?
hmm... there are so many things that could go there.

how bout YOU have a happy -----
fill in the blank.. k?