Monday, August 25, 2008

Bore've been warned.

Monday again. Where do they come from and don't you all agree that they seem to come faster than they used to? My weekend was okay, it's kind of a blur right now, believe it or not, I just got out of bed.

My day yesterday didn't exactly turn out as planned. Mark and I had planned to go visit Bill, he's at his sister's house and I haven't seen him for more than a week. I am certain he knew we were going to visit, but after a few phone calls that went unanswered, I decided he wasn't up to having company. It's hard to know whether you are helping someone when they are ill and you go to see them or if you are actually being a pain in the butt....if I were in his shoes, visitors when I am sick is the latter. Generally, I want to be left alone. Bill however, is a bit of a social butterfly, calling him a butterfly makes me giggle, but you all know what I mean. I know his sister was going to be gone all day so I didn't call her, I assumed she didn't know his status. So, after we cleaned this whole place from top to bottom and I got all beautiful and ready to go, I hit the couch. And stayed there. It honestly was a pretty good day...if you count sleeping alot. I don't know why I am so tired recently, old age I presume.

I did ride my bike for a while in the morning, but that didn't turn out the way I had hoped. No matter how many miles I am able to walk, it seems that I cannot get my body used to riding my bike. From the moment I got on, the pain in my legs started and it was just no fun. I am frustrated, by now I should be able to do so much better than I am. I don't get the opportunity as often as I would like, the traffic and general hustle and bustle of shoppers, construction workers, gym members and employees of this whole little compound starts really early and doesn't quit until way after dark. So that generally leaves early early on Saturday or Sundays. Perhaps that is part of the problem but I am able to walk - and when I say walk, understand that I am not talking about strolling, I mean WALK fast-for as long as an hour these days. So, I have no idea. I am trying so hard to get my pre-surgery strength back, and I am getting there, other than on my bike. I have eight more pounds to go---and I will be back into my six's. That is part of my goal, too. I don't feel like I am fat, but I don't feel I look as good as I should. I don't know where the extra fat came from, I suppose sitting all the time when I couldn't walk. I have not changed my diet but the added activity has caused me to lose 16 pounds since I moved here. I am feeling much better about that.

Today, I have no idea at this juncture what I am doing. There is alot of needed cleaning to do at the ICS, but we still have to serve lunch to the local window factory on Thursday, it was part of the annual agreement. It is now closed, this has just not been a good year for that place, I suppose the economy along with some employee problems, had made it such a handful, and I am not unhappy that the year there is now over. I do need to find out my own status on the job situation. A couple of phone calls this morning should take care of that. I would really like to start working this next week, I hope the company has all of my required background checks finished. I also need to begin studying for my series 6 state test (mutual funds), and I can't say I am looking forward to that. Coloring my hair is also on my to-do for this all know how much I love that job.

Whatever you all are doing today, make this Monday a good one. I will catch you all on the flip-flop. What the hell is a flip-flop anyway? :)


Cheryl said...

To me flip flops are shoes. You know the kind. I've never heard the saying 'catch you on the flip-flop. Now I have.

Walking fast for an hour is amazing, I think. Yesterday I did 58 minutes, and thought that was a lot. I can't imagine people like Happyone who walk 6-7 miles a day. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to bike in a mall before hours? I think that would be awesome.

I'm glad yesterday was a good day!

ac said...

A flip is a thing... A flop is the other side of that thing. ha!

You are my hero. My fast walking, weight losing, job doing, push on through, can fix anything hero!

Have a FAB-O day up there. It's raining buckets here in Floreeeduh. I feel like a wet duck. xo ac

Brad said...

Don't be so hard on your self, at least your out there moving!

The new couch looks very comfy - I'd have been napping there too!

Hope you monday's a good one.

fiwa said...

Congrats on losing that much weight - that is great. Riding the bike uses different muscles 'n stuff than walking. I have a hard time on the bike - it makes my knee pop.

I'm with Brad, I could easily pass out on your couch too. That is actually what I spent most of yesterday doing - laying on the couch and listening to the rain. I enjoyed it. :)

happy monday -


I wish we could feel when weight was coming on versus suddenly seeing the increase.

I guess if the bike isn't working but the feet walking is...stick with the walking? you listen to music when you walk?

I would be able to be sleepy on your new sofa---plus remember, you've had a lot going on---physical and mental and emotional
that will wear out anyone!

Elizabeth :)

monday-flipflop to Friday! :)

abbagirl74 said...

Oh... this Monday suuuuuucked!

Amanda said...

Speed is not essential, just as long as there progress.

To me, flip-flop is not a what it's a who! :)

SOUL: said...

i'm here FINALLY -- and only about five days late :((

have you considered a bike like the one we talked about that time-- that i will never remember the of????
that ya kinda sit back on??? i think it would be less stressful on your body but you would get the same effect on the muscles you want to work.

i see them used on craigslist and ebay for half the normal cost-- at least in my area... i could pick it up and meet at our half way point sometime-- maybe you could sell yours to pay for one like that???
just a thought. and nothing immediate-- unless ya want to.
a lunch thing maybe.
lemmee know if ya want me to look for one. it'd be good for you i think. ( i still look at em sometimes for myself-- i'm just not too sure i'd actually use one--yet)

as for flip-flop-- wasn't that a GORE thang???

333 oxes crossed the road--but why?