Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 12:30-4:30 pm...BE THERE


I am going to keep this short for many reasons, but mostly because I am having a lot of trouble seeing. I can easily type without using my eyes, but sometimes i am way off the mark and reading what I'm writing is impossible right now. Plus, I still have some time left to study...and I am going to use my left over eye-power on that. You know, I would like for my opthamologist to see me right about now...he says that the reason I cannot see is not in my eyes but in my brain, but I seriously wish he could see me---my eyes are nearly swollen shut like I have been crying all night, instead of studying all day yesterday. When I finally gave it up yesterday, I was completely blinded - I could see large things, but no way I could read anything, or even see the tv until late in the evening. I spent more than eight hours reading and then taking quizzes on the internet, by the time I gave up, I was nearly sitting on my keyboard trying to read the screen. It was pretty pathetic. This morning, not much improvement, and I am beginning to wonder how I am going to see well enough to take the test, or geez, even see to drive there.

I appreciate all your good wishes and faith in me, and generally, I would agree that I will do just fine. This time however, I am not confident, I barely passed the general insurance questions on the quiz's. It will be four hours of hell, and to pass this thing today will truly be a miracle. There would be no real shame in not passing I suppose, other than I have never failed any test that mattered...and this definitely matters. It won't be for a lack of trying, and like i always tell my kids, do your best. That's all I can do. So, having said that...I will get myself back to the book.

Have a happy day. :)


I did it...I passed and with a score I'm proud of...I have no idea how I did it, but I did....YEA! And...I did it in an hour and fifteen minutes! YEA AGAIN!!!



Anonymous said...

I will be there in spirit.. good luck!

SOUL: said...

don't focus on anything but the next thing in front of you today. and take it all step by step-- question by question.

(when in doubt charlie out-- C--- and never change your answer)
not always true-- but often it does work out that way.

you are the most important person today-- remember that.
we all love you-- no matter what

btw-- failing a test-- isn't failing ... yourself-- or anybody ---
it's a test. there is not one person in the world who has never failed a test. k? no one has ever been loved any less-- for that.

all my best to you today--
let me know how it goes k


Smocha said...

I guess Soul said it all. LOL

I also can not see and every
time I get glasses , they don't work! ack! I feel for ya. It's sooooo annoying.

Good luck! I bet you'll do better than you think:)

misty :) said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! and try to keep your eyes closed unitl testing time :). xoxo. O and the pain in the ass fed ex guy says hi and he hopes you are going well.

Golden To Silver Val said...

We'll all be there with you in spirit. You'll do fine...honest!
Oh yeah...you can make the print larger on your puter screen by pressing control and moving the mouse scroll wheel up or down. If you have a laptop there is another way to do it just by using the keyboard by sadly I don't know what that is. You may be able to google it and find out. Google knows everything. LOL

ac said...

I'm sure this eye thing is distracting in more ways than just not seeing. I think I would be freaking out. But you, you are so calm and just pushing on through this thing. You are amazing!
Hope your eyes mellow out before the test. Good luck sweetie! I'm thinking about you. ac xo

Brad said...

Good Luck Dear - I've got my fingers crossed!

abbagirl74 said...

Sending good vibes your way. I will be thinking of you during my four hour meeting.

Kelly Jene said...

Sending study and healing prayers your way. Big hugs.

Portia said...

Lots of luck and best wishes for today!


Mary said...

I didn't doubt for a minute that you'd do well. I think we are somewhat alike in that I never took an exam that I thought I would pass - I always thought the worst and then walked away with top scores. My youngest son is the same way.

Rest your eyes, have a beer (or two), put your feet up and chill out. You've earned it.

Cheryl said...

You did it!!! I'm so proud of you :)

Now, rest up.

abbagirl74 said...

Yay! WooHoo!!!!

ac said...

Congo Rats!!!!!

I couldn't pass that test will both eyes working at peek performance and my brain working overtime. HA!

You are a total wonder to me!! xo ac

Raine said...

ok then- if its not in your eyes, whats wrong with your brain? did he answer that?

Anonymous said...

well Congrats! So proud of ya!

Smocha said...

Congrats! I knew you would ace it!

ha! Well someone always gets here before me and says what I was gonna say.LOL
Mary said it this time. :)

I am always convinced I am going to fail tests...but in reality that has never happened. I continue to be shocked every time I pass one though.
Sound familiar?LOL

Happy first day of work!