Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Loose Ends

Another day, another chapter. One I must admit I am ready for, as I can feel myself getting lazy, out of the work mode. So today, I begin my job, although it will really be just a little at a time for the rest of this week, I have things to learn and memorize, and other things to finish up first. But still, this morning, I will be be at my company office at nine. Woo hoo!!

I had the best time with all my kiddos last night, we met at my favorite watering hole, had a couple of beers and dinner and we were out of there within two hours. It was honestly fun, and even though two of them are working on healing a broken heart, one of them is still unemployed but starting a new job on Monday, one is still reeling from the death of a child and impending doom with her father, they put all of that away, and we had fun. Unusual circumstances with my brood, generally life gets in the way for some or all....

I have been so focused on passing the test that I really don't know what else is going on in my world. Its hot, really-really hot. CrazyDog is apparently having trouble controller her bladder in her sleep and that worries me. My kitties are fun and sweet and just a little bit mad from time to time. Mark is doing really well with his job, learning more every day and having a good time. Trav is coming back to stay with me at the end of the month. Mark has a birthday this next week. I wrote an email to a TV station and protested their new way of airing commercials during my race and they actually wrote back to me. I have a ton of end of the quarter paperwork to do for the ICS. We have decided to shut that down early this year, gas prices and questionable economy has hurt our business, so the Monday of Labor Day weekend will be it. We listed our house with a realtor and are keeping our fingers crossed for a quick sale. Summer is marching on, way too fast for me. We are couch shopping, but haven't found anything other than Mark's dream living room which is waaay too pricey. Mary's squeegee idea for my shower doors works beautifully, and believe me, we have tried them all. Apparently, my niece Alex is dating a playmate she had when she was like....two, and I think that is the coolest thing ever. :)

So many things, so little time.

Random recent photos, above.

Happy Wednesday friends. :)


Anonymous said...

isnt your world coming together bit by bit??? just shows how strong the human being is and especially Jamie's family!

and.....i DO believe i'm first!! whoo hoo....!

SOUL: said...

i don't see no photos :((

but i am so happy that you not only scraped by on that damn test-- but kicked its ass !!

you sound good, and ready to face your next challenge.
i was hoping you would have a little break in between challenges.. but like you say-- no rest--
but your day is comin. soon. i promise. and when am i wrong? i really think i have been pretty close to right in just about all my prophecies when it comes to to you :)) -- so far.
so-- like i said-- good.. better.. things are on the way-- and so is rest. and relief with your body. just watch. it'll happen. i'll even bet the fam and animals will give you a break here and there.. :)) that-or ya just may have to throw em off a bridge somewhere-- either way-- you'll get some time alone :))

anyhow-- i have lost my train of thought-- not that that poor train hasn't derailed weeks ago-- i still try to keep it goin on occasion. but it is gone for now-- again.

your night sounded good-- your mornin sounds good.. and i hope i run into you later and here that you had a great day today as well...

one thing at a time pal--
you pased the test-- got the job--
i know that house will sell fast-- i just do.. it's awesome, and the price is right-- it will sell..
after that-- the rest is just life. cross it off as it goes. right.

welp-- speakin of life-- and list, and gettin things done?
i think it's my turn to accomplish "something".
maybe the national gaurd could help? it reallly is a disaster here. think i should call???


abbagirl74 said...

Couch shopping is the best! I hope you are able to sell the house quickly. Sounds like it's going to be a great week!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Yay...Happy Dance..Happy Dance. I knew you would do it!! The rest will fall into place too. Time for a deep breath...and start to enjoy the summer a little. Big hugs. Love, Charlotte

Mary said...

A wonderful evening. All of us need more of those. When you're catering to the little ones trips to the watering hole are few. Lots of fun when they do happen though.

I sure don't envy you shopping for a couch. Been there, done that for almost two months. I'm so glad that the decision to reupholster is made and the loveseat is in the shop.

You sound so upbeat that it makes me feel good.

fiwa said...

Hi friend - just stopping by to say hello while my mom is getting dressed. I'm so happy to hear Trav is coming back to stay with you, it's so nice to have good company!

And I'm so proud of you for passing the test - that is awesome news. Hope your first day went well.

Thinking about you!
lovins -

Gypsy said...

Well done on passing the test you clever thing. That's wonderful and not at all surprising. Hope your first day goes well and don't will know it all inside out in no time.

Good luck with the sale of your house too. Like everyone has said, it's all coming together.

Alex said...

At first when I read playmate I thought you meant Playboy playmate. I was confused. Then I figured it out. Haha. I think its pretty cool too <3.

Kelly Jene said...

I knew you could do it!! Now just get that house sold and life will keep getting better.


And by the way, I'm feeling really good today, so Happy Dance!

Maria said...

I am so happy to see everything falling so nicely into place for you! It is about freaking time, huh?

Amanda said...

Congratulations for passing the big test Jamie, and best of luck with the new job.

I just know your children will be ok too, after all, they have an awesome mom.