Thursday, July 10, 2008 little time

I survived. It wasn't too bad, the babies are both quite sweet. I could not, WOULD not, let the remaining twin cry herself to sleep as I was told to do, in fact, if she was mine, I would probably NEVER let that happen again, at least not until she is waaay older. But, that is just me...and there was NO way anything was going to happen to that tiny child under my watch. The older one is about sixteen months, I think, and she was quite active and talkative, too bad I couldn't understand what she was saying....but the two hours went pretty quickly. I was told the funeral was quite beautiful and sad, of course. Steph and her sister and Jordy all seemed to manage it pretty well, almost like they had all cried themselves out of tears, and I feel that in some ways, today has to be a better day for them, the first in a while. On the other hand, I know that the day after any funeral leaves the family somewhat bewildered, things return to normal, all the family leaves for home, and there you are, left with a life that is nothing like normal....the reality smacks hard right about now. I will continue to pray for all of them.

I have my company test this afternoon - one I believe I am ready for, and then addtional training for a few hours. It will be good to get back to it. I did not even pick up any book yesterday, the day flew by...after the babysitting, I drove to the ICS, then all the way home - the day was three quarters shot and all I had really done all day was drive. I then took a much needed nap, until Craig showed up---we ended up going out to dinner when Mark was finished with his work day. It was a good time, but we have been eating out WAAAY too much. Not just for financial reasons, although that certainly is adding up, but also because I am going to weigh about a thousand pounds pretty soon, if I don't watch it. I have not gained anything really, but I sure feel like I have...ugh. I have never been that much of an "eat out" person, recently, I am becoming quite the food many restaurants, so little time. Good heavens. Last night, we went to the Macaroni Grill, and it was heavenly. I had the seafood really was the best dinner I have eaten in months...When we left, I was so full---too full, and for a while I was just plain sick. After we got home and I took CrazyDog out for a walk, I felt better. At least my stomach felt better, my legs...not so much.

Have a very happy Thursday.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Just a quick stop by to let you know that I'm thinking of you...all of you. Take care. Get some rest! Hugs, Charlotte

abbagirl74 said...

Thanks for being there for me. Have a most awesome weekend!

Portia said...

Glad you enjoyed your dinner out. Restaurants tend to serve so much food I often leave feeling tired and nearly ill, but I guess that's better than still hungry:)

Good luck on your test!

Prayers for the family.

Rebecca said...

I agree that a 4 month old baby should not be left to cry it out. Hell, I didn't do that until Christopher was about 14 months old, and even then it was heart wrenching.

My thoughts are with Tiffany and her family. You're right--the day after the funeral is the roughest.


Cheryl said...

So little time is right. Time to slow down, don't you think? Now maybe you can. Hugs...

SOUL: said...

you already know i'm thinkin of you today. hope the test went well-- assuming it's over now. i'm sure you did fine.

i love macaroni grill-- haven't been in a long time tho-- not sure why-- i think the noise bothered me last time we went-- so we just haven't been back. hmmm. now i'm hungry. thanks a lot pal. :))

anyways-- get some rest today- i'm sure you're beat to death.

lotsa OXes
love you

Brad said...

I'm glad to hear yesterday went as well as possible. So very sad.

I'm sitting here at work (what? I've got my work done!) Thinking you should almost be home around back east. I hope the test and day went well. And I hope you post tonight and tell us!


Mary said...

Neither could I let a small baby "cry it out". Time enough to let them work out how to deal with nap time when the baby can talk and let you know if something's wrong.

I know the day was a hard one and I remember how the weeks following defy description. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

Kelly Jene said...

First thank you so much for the advice on SS. My friend has a lawyer that handles that, so I'm thinking about going for it.

What a blessing that you were able to watch the babies for the service. I, too, would never let that baby cry it out, it just seems wrong.

Good luck on your test, I'll be praying!

Raine said...

wow- was away for a few days- I am so sorry for what happened. That is so very horrific. My sympathies to all

fiwa said...

I hope Steph and Jordy are doing ok. I'm still thinking and praying for all of you.