Friday, July 11, 2008


Happy Friday!

I passed 4 of my 5 tests, and the one I didn't pass was by one question....LOL. I will retake it on Tuesday be honest, the one I failed was due to not covering that material in the class, and we had no study material on that particular subject. Our trainer was new, and he said as much yesterday, so I was winging it. He also said that I did the best in the class, so I'll take it. I would like to think the state test will be as simple, but I know better. I have taken that one many, MANY years ago, and it's a hard sucker. I am wondering how many times I will have to take it before I pass it.

My kids are sucking the life out of me. My fault, I know, but one way or another, they are. All of them are going through some kind of crises...from minor to major...and I am all worried out, fixed out...worn out. Enough. I love them - more than anything, I love them. I would gladly throw myself in front of a speeding bus for each of them, if it would help. Since it won't...they have got to handle all of it themselves. No joke, I'm serious....just saying. Enough said.

I am back to the BIG book today....ugh. Save me.

Have a wonderful day. :)


Mary said...

Sometimes we just have to let the kids row their own boat. Otherwise our own boat will sink.

ac said...

I might have done too much for someone when they were younger and I might have created a monster. ha!

I'm just sayin'.... I am feeling you on this one. It's SO HARD to let them flounder. I wish I had done it more.

Hindsight. I hate hindsight. HA!

abbagirl74 said...

Great job on the tests! I know you will do well. Remember, you are a strong woman and a fantastic mother!!!

Kelly Jene said...

Good job!!!!!! I knew you'd do great. Make sure you treat yourself amidst all the family chaos. It'll keep you sane.

Love ya!

Cheryl said...

Everyone thinks you can fix it, right? Momma needs a break. Kids will have to deal.

Glad you did well on the test. Are you studying for the hard one?

Maria said...

I think the hardest thing to do is to step backwards with children. It is my need to step in and fix everything, so it is all new to me...

Good luck on your test, sweetie...

Gypsy said...

I knew you'd ace the tests. I just don't know where you get all your energy even when you're in pain. You are AMAZING.

fiwa said...

Best in the class?! That is seriously awesome! Way to go!

Too bad you have to retake that one test, but hopefully it will be over soon.

I'm really proud of you.

SOUL: said...

i couln't have said it better than ac--
i know a young lady that needs to flounder a bit as well.
ugh, boy do i

and it aint ME this time
or YOU for that matter

take care of YOU for a change eh?

Portia said...

Ah yes, that sweet, precious, life-sucking life. Is it too much to ask for the whole world to just mellow out a bit?

Good luck on your test! You can DO EET:)