Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little disconnected thoughts

Okay, so my computer is really annoying the hell out of me, and if I missed commenting on your page, it's because this damned machine will not let me. UGH.

Went to the horse races last night, left early, got home LATE. Had a good time but man-oh-man, I am tired today. Didn't I am guessing there is more to it than betting on the one's with the cool names...LOL.

CrazyDog got herself locked in the laundry room while we were gone...who knows how many hours she was confined in that tiny, dark little space. When we got home, she was so upset she had made quite a mess...ugh. Not sure if it was because of her locked-up predicament or if it was the bladder infection she is still being medicated for.

On my walk yesterday, I was treated (?) to the sight of a man peeing...right there on Mills Civic Parkway...right in front of God an everybody...I was shocked! I just sort of looked at him, and he at me...and I went on my merry way, but I wanted to tell him to put that thing away...I mean, it WAS eight o'clock in the blessed morning! And that highway is busy...and wouldn't you think he would at least have the decency to turn around?

Went to the drive through at Mickey D's last night at two am...I have never seen such incompetence in my life...I seriously expected the B-team, but these workers were actually B-team wannabe's....

Hope everyone has the best of Sundays. I am trying to decide if I have what it takes to get out and walk today, I'm pretty sore from the past five days, and so very tired. I will wait and see, I guess. :)


Smocha said...

Ha! I used to go to the dog races and always made my paltry best on the cute dogs or the ones with cool names. Needless to say ,I never won:)

Ahh, life in the city . Where else can you see a stranger urinating at 8A.M.?
I love it.LOL

I can't wait to be in a city again.

Happy Sunday!

Smocha said...

that would be "bets"

Mary said...

I haven't been to horse races in years. I had a method for betting but it was only good if I could see the horses before the race. I never bet enough to help or hurt but I did win about half the time. (Remember I was raised with horses around all the time)

That man must have been from Germany. But at least in Germany they do turn away. I found it shocking and ill mannered.

ac said...

I look at the names, then bet on the one I'm 'feelin' (thumping closed fist over heart). Then... I lose, of course, because they were not feeling me. HA!

Have a great Sunday mon ami. xo

SOUL: said...

i bet on names too-- dogs and horses..

and how bout this one-- i have a pee story for ya--

i was at the horse track in washington state one time--
and i saw this guy-- just standin there on the ground level by the entrance and ticket buyin place (whatever ya call the inside place) -- and watchin the race from there -- i walked passed him, and i notice-- he's standin there peein his pants !!!
i still wonder if he did that because he was kinda old-- or cuz he didn't wanna miss the end of the race. he wasn't THAT old.
it was very strange-- and i was only like 14 years old. people are just weird.

i like dog races better ... have you been to dog races?

anyhow-- i'm glad you got out, and had some fun.

take a nap today if ya can--
i'm gonna--- very soon i think.

desert dirt diva said...

man i thought i was the only one who did that, once when i went to the races i beted on a horse, but decided i really didn't like its name so i went and changed that bet.. to the horse name i liked and the first horse i bet one i decided not to do that any more, i just follow people who look like they know what there doing and bet on what they bet on.. sometimes it works out pretty good!

Golden To Silver Val said...

We used to go to Canada for the horse races. Won some good money a couple times but then lost it all the other times we went. Lady luck has no home so we stopped gambling. That's been thirty years ago. Although I do love to go to the casino and play the slots. The money I take with me is earmarked "money to lose"...that way I don't feel bad when I DO lose it. LOL.

SOUL: said...

i was just lookin for you-- or a new post found neither--
aha there you are-
now wheres the post?