Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is the is the day that I have been dreading since I started this new job, and trust me, I have good reason. It will be a complete and total zoo, and I this zookeeper is already on her last leg. However, this being a sales driven business, money will be available to be made...and considering that I signed my LIFE away on that apartment yesterday, I had better make some serious money. Holy crap, apartments are a big business these days, aren't they? But oh, I am SO excited to get moved. Funny, I liked the apartment better yesterday than I had initially, perhaps due to having looked at many that were way under my standards? Things are really looking good - exciting even, except for the fact that I cannot physically do this job of mine. I am already ready to drop----literally, and this is only Wednesday. It was well after eight last night before I got out of there, and I have to be back in before eight this morning....and tonight? Hell, with what's coming today, I will be lucky to be out of there by midnight. Seriously. And then, there are no more rooms at the it will be all the way back home for me tonight. (Thanks pork producers!)

Thank you all for your good wishes for my family yesterday. Both surgeries went well, my poor sis is home, left to recuperate and commiserate alone for the next ten days or so. She has requested nice comments and good wishes here on my page - you guys will help her out, won't you? She is so funny -I do believe she is looking for a little sympathy, her husband is a great guy, but sympathy and patience for those that are sick or ailing is a little too much for him. Richard - my step dad, is also doing well, although his recovery time will be quite a long time, up to ten days in the hospital, then four long weeks at home gaining his strength back. However, I feel much better today about all of it, his dr seems to think that he will be fine, and while they are waiting for the pathology reports of course, he seems to think there will be no reason for chemo or radiation. That was wonderful news.

You all do your best to have a wonderful Wednesday, okay? I will do the same....Happy Humpday!


Cheryl said...

Hi Sis! I'm so glad your surgery is over and now you have to take it easy and recuperate. You could be blogging, you know. Take care!

Hey, oh man, I'll be thinking about you today. I hope it goes better than you think.

You're moving in this weekend, right? It won't be soon enough!

Rebecca said...

Hey lady. Glad everyone is ok. Be careful driving, won't you? I worry about you being so tired after so much work!! Glad you are moving closer to the job, though.

And to Jamie's sister, hope you feel better, and heal soon!

Happy Wednesday. Hope it goes smoothly.


Gypsy said...

You'll get it all done Jamie cos you're Superwoman don't you know. Once you're all moved in life will be a lot easier. No more long commute and you won't be so tired.

I'm glad your step dad amd sis came through their surgeries well. Hope you get well soon Trav!!

Brad said...

Hey Jamie-Sis - Hope your feeling better soon. Take it easy and milk it for all it's worth. Get that hubby of your to fetch and carry and do for you !

Jamie - you take it easy dear - don't let them push you too hard. I'll be thinking about you today !

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hi Sis...prayers coming your way via Jamie since I don't know which way to aim them. Get well soon!! Jamie...glad the apartment is yours! Soon your long commutes will be over and you can catch up on your rest. Hope today goes well for you...fill us all in on the happenings. Big hugs, Charlotte

fiwa said...

I'm sorry - I meant to comment yesterday and say I hope all the surgeries go ok. I've been down with the stomach flu since monday though, and not thinking very clearly.

I'm glad you got the apartment - drive carefully tonight.

Kelly Jene said...

Jamie, I can feel the exhaustion seeping thru your post. I wish I could help you. I can't wait to see pics of the new apartment. (hint hint)

Sister, hey there! Take it easy now and rest up so you can help Jamie ok? hehehe Just kidding. Get better soon and like Cheryl said, start blogging!

Smocha said...
Subject: jamie
Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 5:02 AM

Hey, Don't know what jamies budget is ...but I just remembered that Logan is a mover. LOL

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630 457 8156

don't know if Soul told you about this or not....but you may be able to get a real good deal:)
(this is the kid you met )

Hope it all goes easy for ya:)And happy recovery Sistah!

SOUL: said...

jamie-- please listen to your body today--- don't push it or overdo it.
are the pig people gone yet? if you need a hotel in the city today could you get one? that sure would be a help for you. make some calls and see? or maybe mark-- or i could do that for you?

you gotta slow down, and i know you don't think you have a choice-- but really-- you need to make it a choice-- you know that. you need to put YOU first. not the move, or the job, or anything. you have to put your body and mind first. without you in good health-- nothing else matters.

do i need to go kick your ass?

i will.
slow down girl. ok. you know you need to. remember... before, when you stopped for a day-- it helped a LOT.

love you

ac said...

Did you survive all the broohaha of yesterday? Hope you are somewhere taking it a whole lot easier today! hugs ac

Kelly Jene said...

How are you? How did it go yesterday? If it helps any, tomorrow is Friday.

Big hugs.