Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stormy Tuesday

Have you ever sat and watched an awesome storm from the top floor of a hotel? I hadn't, until now. It's really pretty cool to see, other than the fact that my room is getting wet because I cannot get the (non) sliding door to close all the way. It figures, since it took a Herculean effort to get the damned thing open. So.....just to catch you all up on my life...

We got the apartment. I am really excited about it, very happy, but now I have to MOVE, and that's wonderful, I am READY. Except I'm not, because I have exactly zero boxes packed. And we are moving this weekend. I have to laugh at this or I would cry...When will I have the time to pack? Beats the hell out of me, Lieutenant. I won't even be home again until tomorrow night, and that is only due to a lack of rooms in the whole city of Des Moines, (thanks pork producers). But I am happy to have gotten this place to live, at least I think I am, because it's been a while and a million apartments later, I'm not sure I remember what it looks like. I do remember the kitchen area is small but a part of the whole living room...the floors were light wood, a cheesy fireplace stuck into the wall...an awesome but freaky balcony----sort of just suspended there in the side of the brick wall, made of wire like a cage, you can see all the way to the parking lot below through the floor. Two good sized bedrooms and bathrooms, California brand storage and closets throughout....but it's basically kind of plain. What you pay for living there is the area, the community, the security, etc. Once home, you wouldn't have to leave your place, it's all right there, from grocery store to dinner clubs to cleaners and shops, the gym....a fun place to be, I'll bet and that excites me. Something to DO, something to SEE, for the first time in years and years. Now, I just have to GET there.

The job is still crap. It was better yesterday, my District Manager was there and she helped clear up a few things for me. However, the day was 12 hours long. It was eight to eight. Yes, I had to do that two days a week at the dealership, too, but not every night. I cannot, WILL NOT work 65 plus hours a week anymore. I am too old, too tired, too not healthy enough any longer. I want to have time to do something else, as well as work. So, I have no idea where that leaves me, but I'll get it figured out.

Today is my step-dad Richards surgery. Today is also my sister Trav's surgery. Same day, same time, different places. Please say a prayer for the both of them. Richards's is for cancer of the colon, my sister's is for some female problems she has had for a long time. I feel terrible that I am not able to be with her, or my mother. My poor mom pretty much has to face this alone, and that makes me sad. Especially when I can't be there because of a job that I don't even intend to keep. But right now, this is all I can do. It is what it is, I guess.

You all have a great day, today. It is the calm before the storm for me, tomorrow is the Open House that we are having at the center, and that my friends , will be a zoo. Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

good luck..and my prayer to your family's surgeries... gosh..i feel for you... hope you can get out of there as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Golden To Silver Val said...

My prayers are with you and yours today too. This is all such a whirlwind for you....its bound to subside soon. Take a few pics for us on moving day. I'm so glad you got the apartment. And just think....with all those stores so close by...they all have to be managed by SOMEONE...check it out...maybe your job of the future is waiting for you there. I think of you often Jamie and am amazed of everything you do...you are one impressive woman!!! Big hugs. Charlotte

Mary said...

I'm truly impressed with your ability to deal with whatever life hands you. It takes a special person to be able to do all you do.

My prayers are with your family and you. This is a very trying time for all of you but it will pass.

Happy that the apartment is settled. It sounds wonderful. Charlotte is correct - Your dream job may be right there just waiting for you.

Thinking about you, Jamie, and wishing you only the best.

Cheryl said...

You'll get through this, somehow. You'll move, and be amazed that it happened. Don't hurt yourself doing it. I hope everyone pitches in and helps as much as they can.

I'll be saying my prayers for your family.

Brad said...

Cheryl's got it right - round up those kids and put them to work! my prayers going out to step-dad and sis. I wish we had Startrek's teleporters and we could all just show up and help ya out this weekend ! XO !

ac said...

Thinking about you today. Blessing to your step-dad and sister.

Beth said...

I love the zoo! ;)

Are you going to show us pictures of your new place, by any chance? I would love to have an apartment...all to myself. No one else...just me.

say "Hell to the No!" on 65 hours a week!

desert dirt diva said...

oh jamie i'm so sorry to hear about your family, i will say a prayer..
also sorry i have'nt been up to date with my blog.....hope everything gets etter with you and gool luck with moving, it took me to the last minute and a few friends to help me move pack.. unpack...oh i'm still unpacking..grrrrr, maybe i'll finish when i get back from smochas...

SOUL: said...

i should be fired as a friend, two days and i haven't been here. :((
that's bad. i'm sorry.

i hope your family are all doing well today. the possibility of no chemo-radiation is wonderful-- let us know when you find out for sure.

i'm really sorry that you are having such a hard time with the job. well.. not so much the job-- the bod not cooperating. i sure hope that changes--soon. it's happened before..

praying for all of you!


Portia said...

I love a good storm, especially in the middle of my own chaos for some reason. As always, you have so much to handle, but it's good to hear your confidence in getting things figured out. I have been thinking of you, but I'm sorry I haven't come around to say so more often.