Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday update

Here I am again, up at two am, after sleeping for just a couple of hours. What is up with that?

It is raining, again. Does anyone have the necessary plans to build an ark? I may need to borrow them, if you wouldn't mind. The flooding here is getting pretty out of hand, and making the national news. Not that I have been able to see the news, our satellite tv provider has been a bit of an ass and I still am without my FOX news. Damn. Friday is now the promised date. I certainly hope so, I may go just a little ballistic if I don't get my tv hooked up before another weekend. Funny how spoiled we are, and living with even one inconvenience can really piss a fella off...

We went and bought a bed - so that Trav can visit this next week. I am quite excited about that. It is also a bed for Soul, because I am not going to take "no" for an answer, soon. Just going to buy it was an ordeal, there was an accident on the interstate, apparently caused by flooding, that created a huge traffic tie-up, and it was over an hour just to go about ten miles. Welcome to city life, Jamie. :)

I have had an amazing number of responses to only a few jobs that I applied for, hell I had four calls today alone, and a couple of initial contacts by email. It's funny because when I was still living in Podunk, I must have sent out hundreds of resumes, this time I applied for about ten and look at the results! I have an interview for a branch manager position with my own personal bank on Friday, and a second interview (on the phone) with the George May company, in the next day or two. I had the initial one today, and if I should decide to work for them, I will be going to Chicago on the 23rd. Now I am confused and don't know which way to turn, and while I realize that the decision is not only up to me, but also to the companies to which I applied, the decisions could be rough.

Yesterday was not the happiest day I have ever had, Mark is tense, his work is not going the greatest. He is not really capable of being a roll - with - the- flow kind of guy, and I hate to see him so tense and unhappy.

I am getting tired once again, and I think I i will see if I can sleep for awhile. I will be back - :)


Brad said...

Your awake early and I can't sleep- I'm glad you've had such a positive reponse to the job search - it's got to help the old moral.

Poor Mark, I hope he's not going through what you just did.

Take care Sis - I'm thinkin on ya.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there...tell Mark to hang in there too... it's probably a lot different than he's used takes time.... Go back to bed Jamie!

Summer said...

I'm just stopping by to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't felt like blogging much. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Blech.

Talk to you soon!

Terri said...

well it can't be easy going from places you were both comfortable with and in control of (last job), but it sounds like you guys are doing great, just need to find that right fit. I loved the pics of the new apartment - schnazzy!

Cheryl said...

I was up at 3. Seems like a lot of us can't sleep :(.

Crazy about all the responses. Hopefully you'll find a better fit this time. I don't envy you the decision process.

I can't imagine the flooding...we've never had it here. Snow is about all that affects us. I hope it gets better.

Mary said...

The mid-west is taking a beating, make that drenching. Be safe. We would gladly take a bit of your rain if we could. Drought is no fun either.

So glad to hear that job responses are coming in. The right position for you will be the result.

Picturing you sleeping now and having a relaxing day in general.

fiwa said...

My husband and I have been in similar place jobwise that you and Mark are in now. I know it's hard. Just hang in there.

I'm glad to hear you're getting quick responses to your resume though, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the right thing comes through soon.

Stay dry!

abbagirl74 said...

Hope you and the family are well. Lots of water everywhere!

SOUL: said...

awww shuckn's jamie.. i wanted the couch ! :))

yep-- happy to hear about the job interests-- can't wait to hear more after the second round with them.

i sure hope you get something you love to wake up for. ya know. you deserve that. and a lot more.

i also hope mark settles down. seems ole chumley settled in better than any of your critters, and mark is the most unsettled of all. territorial maybe? missing his roots? he'll get used to it.

ya know.. i used to get real "emotional" - (for lack of a better word) every time we moved for a while. for some reason it was just hard . not anything physical.. or that i missed anything. it was like a detached thing. very weird. hard to explain. but maybe mark feels that way?

anyhow-- i hope you start sleepin better-- you were almost over-sleeping there for a while. for you i mean. but yep that 2 am stuff is for the birds.

btw-- what kinda sheets did ya get for the bed??
flannel?? i'm there! :))


ps--did you see my fishies? :))