Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

Yesterday turned out to be quite a day...

Steph, my youngest's gf, (often thought of as my own daughter), ended up in the hospital. She and Jordan had been at an outside music festival all weekend. They camped, as they do several times a year at this nearby affair, and it's something they look forward to each and every time it is held. On Friday night, she stepped on a thorn that really stuck in her foot, and it had to be pulled out. The entire festival area had been flooded within the past week, but the water had receded enough to hold the event, but the remaining mud was really bad. Because they were basically camping in a very wet area, the kids wore flip flops all weekend. By Sunday morning, her entire leg, from her toes to the very top of her thigh was swollen, red, hot. Yep, you guessed it, an infection from flood mud...and she is really quite ill. The doctors in the emergency room didn't hesitate, they stuck in an iv, and sent her to her room. I believe she is hoping to get out of there today, but I'd say after looking at her leg, it's going to be awhile...I am grateful that they had the sense to get her to the hospital quickly, as those kinds of infections can be really, really scary. Jordy said that he wanted to take her to the hospital on Saturday, but she wouldn't go, she was having too much fun. They had no idea it could be infection, they really thought she must have injured her leg somehow when it began to swell on Saturday. Damned kids, they will be the death of me. Janelle and I went and visited her last evening, and she looks good in spite of what ails her..I love that kid so much.

Poor Mark, he left about eight yesterday morning, and what should have taken him three hours to get to the Quad Cities to pick up Trav took nearly six...and he never did make it all the way there, Trav and her husband Jim, met him in some small town in Illinois...the flood water made it pretty impossible to get there. We knew that it was bad in some parts of the state, we just weren't aware that it was that bad. So he spent most all of his fathers day on the road, and he was such an un-happy camper by the time he got home.

I spent the day cleaning and cooking and taking CrazyDog out for a walk. She has been doing very well since we moved here, but yesterday was not a good day for last evening, I was ready to pitch her off the balcony. Like everyone, she has good and bad days, but her craziness was a real issue yesterday. Janelle came over later in the day, and spent the evening here, with us. Her bf has been sitting in Iowa City since last Thursday, trying to protect some hugely expensive telecommunications equipment from flood water, so she has been alone all weekend. It was good to have her here with me.

Today, I am off to two interviews. One is for a job I think I would really like, the other ---- I'm not so sure. I had one on Friday at a bank that I forgot to tell you all went really well, and I feel like they will be calling today or tomorrow for a second interview. Just so you all know, I hate interviewing, the whole process is so stupid. They represent themselves in the best possible light, and I do the same. How helpful is that? But I'll keep playing the game until I find the right one.

This morning, Trav and I are going to get out and wander, well - as much an she can, she's wearing this most attractive boot thingy on her leg for a fracture in the top of her foot...this is the second time she has broken the small bones in her feet for no apparent reason. So, she is back to the orthopedic doctor on Friday...never a dull medical moment in this family...

Hope your Monday is wonderful. :)


Terri said...

wow I feel for you. You have so much going on, it would bring a normal healthy person to their knees. Be strong and I hope it gets better sooner rather than later.

Mary said...

Poor Mark is right! Having to make that drive over to the Quad Cities is a yuckie drive. Flooding would make it even worse. I never saw it flooded but I lived through a three week January blizzard there in the mid 80's.

Have a nice day doing something you'd like to do. Good luck with the interviews. I fully agree with you - interviews are only "look-overs" they let everyone know that "It ain't gonna get no better than this."

bonnie said...

I'm excited for your abundance of opportunity. It's about time. I am wishing you luck at whatever you think is the best for you. I can see you in a sales job, getting out and being with people. I'm afraid a bank would be confining. But the structure might be good for you. I'm staying tuned. Good luck.

ac said...

Good luck with your job interviews girlie. I always hated interviews... I was terrible at them. It's a wonder I ever got hired for anything. ha! Have fun with your sister!

Rebecca said...

Eeeeep. Sorry Mark got stuck, but I am really glad that you are unscathed with all the flooding that is going on. Every time I hear about it, I worry.

Good luck with your interviews today. Have a very happy Monday.


Amanda said...

For some reason I can't help hoping they'll take you at the bank. Sending get well soon vibes to Steph and Trev!

Cheryl said...

Monday Monday is right. Good luck with the interviews. I'm sure I'd hate the process.

Kelly Jene said...

What a day! I sure hope Steph recovers quickly, those infections can get nasty.

Good luck on your interviews!

SOUL: said...

hey you-- sounds like a helluva day-- hope you squeezed some fun out of it.

can't wait to hear how the interviews went.

hope mark is in a better mood today--as well as the chumster. well.. that is if you didn't throw them both off the balcony.

anyhow-- will look for you in the mornin--

Smocha said...

OOH! sounds like your girl has blood poisoning. Ack! that happened to me once .....I guess i'll blog in your box and tell you about it. LOL

In Wa. State ,my last husbands cousin,wife and baby were staying at our house for a while.They let baby play out in the dirt. Next thing ya know I get some kind of "boil" on my ass. (from my own bathtub)
Naturally's always got to be some humiliating ailment. :)

Couple days later....EVERYTHING on my body hurts. I can hardly breathe or anything. I come.I was so sick ...Vicki came out from Calif. to take care of me when I went home .

I believe the comment was made "She gets a pimple on her ass and you have to go running out there."

LOL ...oh well. hope all is well...I just had to share that.:)

Infections are serious business.

I wish you guys were in England. You'd be the perfect assistant for my spouse.

Peace out

Raine said...

Wow - you guys got some leg and feet issues dont ya? I feel for the patients. I hope you get a job you really really like. I will wish that for you and rapid recovery for those who are ill and injured

Raine said...

Wow - you guys got some leg and feet issues dont ya? I feel for the patients. I hope you get a job you really really like. I will wish that for you and rapid recovery for those who are ill and injured