Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Misery? Mania? Mutterings? Melancholy? (why are all the M adjectives negative?)

Up again at three-thirty, not the time I had hoped for the beginning of my day...but recently, it's the best I can do.
The weekend was good. Mark and I had a good day yesterday, doing literally nothing, other than making a trip to the grocery store, (for just a few things...175 dollars later, we carried it all in). That dollar amount in groceries will not even fit in this apartment, but I must tell you, it's all in and I can't see any of it, so I must have found a place for it all. Although, alot of that money went to things like kitty litter, shampoo, soaps of various types, mosquito repellent, a t-shirt for me, stock-up amounts of paper name it, we bought it, and I must say, I still hate to shop. Later in the day, Janelle came over for home made nachos and a little NASCAR action, then our friend and previous finance manager at the dealership came over in the evening. It was a nice time, and it was great to see her again. I have missed her very much, but the job situation seemed to be getting in the way, as she took over my old job there, and is now working for mr asshat. She is handling it well, both him and the job, but then I knew she would-if for no other reason-than she was trained by me...LOL. Seriously, way back, a gazillion years ago, I knew she was special and had alot on the ball, so I hired her, and she was just a baby then...and now, when I see all that she has accomplished, it's almost like she's one of my kids...I get the same proud feeling. So, it was a good day. I worry that she will get caught up in what I know will eventually be crossfire on the job, but she tells me she watches out for herself, and I hope that is true. It's amazing to me how many people that I genuinely love came out of that place, and Misty has to be at the top of my list.
On Saturday, Mark headed off the the old house to work, and he was gracious enough to act like it didn't bother him that I stayed behind to work on the books for the ICS. I had THE most awesome day that day, here all by myself, just able to do what I wanted, on my own schedule. I never did touch one thing that had to do with the store, but I worked all day long. All by myself. I cleaned, did laundry...puttered and putzed. And I listened to each and every one of George Strait's 50 greatest hits. Loud. And no one complained, no one cared, and it felt absolutely awesome. Then, I took a short nap. I was in heaven. In the evening, Mark and I walked down to the chinese place and ate dinner, it was just a wonderful day. And I was grateful to have it. I cannot remember the last time I was able to do what I wanted, verses what HAD to be done. The work for the ICS does have to be done however, and tomorrow will have to be the day. I am getting down to zero time before I begin my new job, training begins a week from today, and my study book for the state Life and Health Insurance License should arrive on Wednesday, so once that is here, you all know what I will be doing. Also, I am scheduled for two full days at the ICS, and the first one is today, so I have that thrown into the mix, as well. I don't mind working at the store, but it certainly does aggravate my pain, and I am beginning to understand how much the cymbalta that I so desperately wanted to be free of, worked for neuropathy pain. I feel no ill effect due to the depression that had set in back a year or more ago when I began taking it, so being off of it in that respect is fine, but man-oh-man, the pain and burning feelings in my feet and legs is back with a vengeance and not going anywhere any time soon. I certainly hope that the major medical insurance I will be selling is decent, as I will be my first customer. And the coverage can come none too soon, although I am sure there will be a period of "pre-existing conditions" and that part will not be too handy...
Here are a couple of pics from yesterday----

I liked the look of us twelve years ago, way better. teehee
Have a wonderful Monday, friends. :)


Summer said...

Good times!

SOUL: said...

y'all look good --- i wish you felt better.
sounds like you had a pretty good weekend-- yesterday doubling as a anniversary - slash - housewarming party ?? kinda/sorta?? sounded nice.

anyhow-- i hope today goes easier on you than you expect it to--

happy monday -

Trav said...

Hey where did you get that really
neat shirt??? That is stylin!!!!!
Glad you had a nice day - I miss
you so much. I hate that I have
my yahoo deal all messed up!!!!!!!
I get so frustrated. Love you
much xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

you look fine! stop fretting!

fiwa said...

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I love the sound of that "walked down to the Chinese place and ate dinner" - that sounds like heaven to be able to walk to restaurants and things.

I think you both look great in those pictures.

Good luck with the work today.

Terri said...

I like the look of myself just a few years ago! and 12 years ago - man I was almost HOT! hehe

misty :) said...

i read it..finally and will again.had a great evening and was soooooooo sad to leave the city and you two.i can't wait to come back.and asshat is PERFECT!!!can i use it?!?!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

You still look great - and more importantly happy together. Isn't a day alone the best thing ever - I rarely have it, but look forward to it!

ac said...

Ya'll are cute as evah! Love the kiss. So tender. LOVE it! xo ac

Kelly Jene said...

You are a gorgeous couple. I love it! I'm sorry the pain is getting to you. Is this job going to be easier on you physically? I sure hope so.

Big hugs.

Amanda said...

You forgot "merrily" as in Merrily We Roll Along. Sounds like it was the theme for this weekend. :)

Shhhh, you guys are the cutest.

Cheryl said...

I love the picture of you two. Still sweet and happy together. That's what matters. A day alone can be a wonderful thing. Sounds good, despite the pain.

Maria said...

You both look great!

And are a Strait fan, huh? My bff, Harriet would lay on the floor and scream if she ever saw him. She is a huge fan.

Portia said...

I'm glad you got a day to yourself like that, sounds wonderful. I hope you get more of those:) And I love the pictures of you guys!