Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The local menagerie

Lots of thoughts rattling around up there in my head this morning:

Son number one won a good chunk of money in a state lottery raffle...at the time he bought the tickets, I thought he was crazy-they were 20 dollars each and he bought two. He won several hundred however, and apparently I don't know what I'm talking about.

Poor, poor CrazyDog...several times in the night, she was up--wandering the apartment, click, click, click went her nails on the wood floor. I kept encouraging her to go back to bed, it was late, etc....finally, at three-thirty, she was making the strangest noise, I went to investigate, she was flipping her completely empty water bowl across the floor...I felt so bad, that never happens, apparently she had been thirsty all night...man-oh-man, we are bad dog parents. After she drank nearly half of the contents, she happily went back to the bedroom...

Speaking of being parents to unruly animals: Sunday morning, after being up for much of the night, and after Mark had gotten up and walked CrazyDog, we decided to go back to bed, after all it was only 6:30 on a weekend...so that's exactly what we did. About 8:00, there was a knock on the door...is that our cat down by the elevator? Holy crap - Mason, aka Farfield, had escaped when Mark came back in with CD, and we didn't even know it. Poor, poor Mason, he seemed pretty traumatized by his little adventure...and when we moved in here, I thought the fact that they required photos of your animals was stupid, now I must admit, I'm happy they do. I wonder if he was spotted by another resident here and then called in, because it was the leasing manager that came knocking, or if he was spotted on the ever present, always monitored cameras...but either way, I felt really stupid for not knowing that my kitty had packed his little red bandanna and put it on a stick, and hit the trail---looking for a train to hitch a ride to....where exactly?

Home today, all day...work on the damned books, I swear, I am going to, even if it harelips the governor. And it might, I have been putting this off for so long.

Mark's mom sent a check for our anniversary, it was very thoughtful of her...and now, because of that, I am getting the print of "winter trees" to hang in my new living room. I am so excited about that, as buying it for myself seemed really selfish under the current financial circumstances... Plus, this weekend is the Des Moines Art Festival and I have always wanted to go to that, so at least one of my kiddos and myself will go to that, you never know, I may find something I cannot live without to help fill the really bare wall space in here. I am really looking forward to it.

Not well this morning at all, yesterday was really bad, too. I am not sure what to do about any of it but whine about it, until I have health insurance, I just have to deal with it, not that I think there is any miracle-cure out there anyway.

I think now I'm going to cruise around a little and see what's going on your worlds...Have a very happy day!



Smocha said...

Sorry , I had to laugh at your animal antics.
Thank god your kitty only made it to the elevator:)
If mine got out here, they would be road kill.

I think Des Moines is a big enough city that they probably have a health clinic you could go to (at least to get your cimbalta )that works on a sliding scale fee.
The health department or a hospital social worker should be able to tell you where to find it.

I learned about that when I was po'

Happy Tuesday!

Mary said...

Kitty cats are sly about getting through doors when we aren't noticing. Glad it all ended on a happy note. It's hard for old folks like CD and myself to acclimate to new digs. It'll take time.

I hope you enjoy the art festival and find a really, really special piece of art.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I know this is NOT funny at all, but I have a warped mind and all I can think of is the movie, "Cats and Dogs" that my granddaughter loves so much. Yep, he got out, made it to the first level and got caught...so now he'll report back to the others and that plan will have to be scrapped. Why do they want to leave, you say? Well, to get into that Pets Supplies Plus store down the road a bit...nice snacks in there....all for the taking. Heh heh heh.
Excuse me...my mind does wander. I'm so glad you got kitty back and everything is ok. They are sly little devils though, aren't they?
Have a wonderful day. I am soooooo lucky. I get to CLEAN HOUSE today. Please don't be jealous. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Charlotte

fiwa said...

Isn't it funny that they're in such an all fired hurry to escape, but then he's sitting by the elevator all scared?! Silly kitty.

I feel for you about the water bowl - I did the same thing recently, by accident. Bitsy acted like she hadn't had water in MONTHS when I filled it up. I felt bad.

I hope getting out and about makes you feel a little better.


Kelly Jene said...

Your animals sure keep you on your toes!

And I hear you on no health ins. If you ever want to whine, I'm here for you.

Maria said...

Glad you got your kitty back....

Portia said...

Bandana on a stick! lol:D
Have a great time at the art festival, it sounds like fun. I hope it's a better day, pain wise.