Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh this day...

I am finally home. I beat the crap out of the road this morning, and made it home, or near home in record time. I swear, I don't think I was driving...God must have been. It was dark and I was rather disoriented, and still, no issues, no troubles, I just cruised on into a town 20 miles north of my home, picked up Mark and we headed to the dreaded meeting. And, it sucked, just like I expected. Mr A-hole that bought the dealership treated me (for the last time) like I was a complete imbecile, and in true Bill fashion, he let him. I didn't take a whole lot of crap from him before I put him in his place, and that was pretty much it. I said nothing disrespectful, but my tone matched his every time I spoke. He was unhappy that Bill had a few things up his sleeve that I pulled out the numbers for, things that made the dollar amount more in Bill's favor. I, of course, only did it the way I had been asked by Bill, but when push came to shove, once again, he left me to take the fall. Whatever. I am used to it after nearly eleven years, but before I drop the subject, I want to say this: I am excited at the prospect of working for a true adult that believes in what I say and what I think, one that will not expect me to pick up all the pieces and leave me holding the bag each and every time. Perhaps I am expecting too much, but I don't think so. Bill and I are great friends, I love him like a brother. But that has not now or ever erased the fact that he has thrown me under the bus on way more than one occasion. It's okay, I have large shoulders. And for every thing he has done wrong to me, he has done something else right. No real complaints here, just observations. Enough said.

I had THE best time in Wichita. It was worth every ache and pain and amount of tiredness that I feel at the moment, and believe me, that's alot. I cannot believe my good fortune in finding Soul, on the internet of all places. I too, believe we must be related. Being with her is the strangest thing, we can be quiet or we can talk for hours, either way, it's good. Friends like those are hard to find. I have to agree with her that no photos could ever be taken of either of us last night, or this morning. I do however have a photo of her other best friend, my competition, and actually, when she and I spoke on the drive home, I could hear her talking in the background...

I'm telling you, this is the coolest thing ever, and I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't find a friend just like hers hanging out on my windshield very soon, perhaps before my journey to the twin cities this weekend. It's just plain awesome.

Then, when I got home, I took a photo of the house, to put in the local paper this next week. I think the old girl looks pretty good, for being 105 this year:

Anyone want to own her? We can make you a great deal. The problem is, you have to live in this colder-than-the-tundra state of Iowa.

So anyway, I'm tired and old and feeling the miles. I would post a pic of me from the past few days Brad, but I don't want to break the camera. I have in the past posted several, you will just have to hunt them down...but really, don't bother, you aren't missing much, LOL.

Have a great evening everyone. I will be by your place either tonight or tomorrow to catch up with you all. :)


Brad said...

You know I'm a sucker for old houses - she's a beut! What would you charge for shipping ?

Fine! I'll come sort thru your archive tonight for a pic.

Sweet dreams !

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh well....sigh....I posted my comment under the wrong post. So go back one post, ok? My lack of aspertame is making me flaky. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Anyway, again....its a lovely home. I can picture red geraniums in window boxes.....yes?

Kelly Jene said...

I'm glad you are done with that whole dealership. You deserve so much better.

I love your house! It's gorgeous, and oddly, it's exactly how I pictured it.

Cheryl said...

Good-bye dealership. Good-bye Mr. A-hole. Hello new new job.

I can't believe you had to leave so early to get to the meeting, but you did it. I'm sure spending time with Soul was just so good for your...soul. I had to say it!

I bought my GPS on Black Friday. Do you remember that? At 4 AM? It's worth it's weight in gold. I might switch to the guys voice...I hadn't thought of that.

I love this old house of yours, but it seems you're ready to say goodbye. A new chapter is about to unfold. That's exciting.

SOUL: said...

you got home in record time..and me--with my next best friend--took the long way home.. okaaaay--- cuz i missed the turnoff i was supposed to take--yes.. miss lady G -- LOL DID tell me to re-cal-cu-late, but i didn't wanna.. so it cost me an extra half hour. ugh.

but i'm glad you got there, and got everything done... and now you are on your way to a new and better place---

woo hoo !

see ya next time pal.....


Mary said...

Glad the trip and visit were fun. I wish it could have been longer.

I gave Harry a Garmin for Christmas last year and he really enjoys confusing the voice. I like that it calculates time and distance.

The dealership is history at last. I'm glad that you don't have to go through that hell anymore.

The house is lovely. I, too, love old houses. For the most part I was raised in a house that was built on the banks of the Tennessee River in 1866. That seems like eons ago.

Rest up and have happy dreams about your visit.

ac said...

Your house is tres' lovely! Can we have it moved to Floreeduh?

I'm glad you have Soul. A friend like that is worth everything. I don't know much about Soul but I know she fishes as much or more than I do so she is aces in my book just for that!
I think I'll add her to my reading list so I can fish vicariously through her. ha! ac

Summer said...

I'm missing something. Why are you selling your house? Or is that too personal to ask?

I want it BTW. It's beautiful.


I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! Can we move it here to my town?
The front porch and I view children running around outside..
if it wasn't for the freakin cold, I'd be jumping on that house in an instant!

Glad that the dealership days are behind you, sorry that the new owner is an ornery Jagoff, but you have new fun things waiting, and once you get your car friend and you're rested,..well,..

Happy Mothers day!!


fiwa said...

Sounds like you had such a great time with Soul, that's wonderful.

I too am glad you're done with the dealership - better days are ahead. And I love your house - sure you can't just pick it up and move it to say...Seattle? With you and Mark in it? I need nice neighbors!

Take care of you -

Maria said...

That photo nearly made me wet my pants. It looks almost EXACTLY like the farmhouse in Iowa where I grew up....

Portia said...

Glad the deal is done.

I love your house! It's so cool to see pictures of things I've been envisioning in my head.

Gypsy said...

What a charming lovely house. My only concept of American living is what I see in films and tv shows so this pic is pretty much exactly what I imagined.

I'll take it!! I love the cold.

desert dirt diva said...

oh my god i would love to own that house... damn its awsome just unbelievable.....