Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good for my Soul....teehee...get it?

A quick post from Wichita - Soul and I are sitting here chatting - Instant messaging in the same room. LOLOL. Old habits are hard to break you know. No, not maybe just a little.

But we are having a wonderful time, we have driven around alot, and gotten lost alot, and I have fallen in love with her other best friend, Garmin. Yep, I have some competition...when she's in a jam, and all lost in this world, she turns to her other friend, and he gets her where she's going. Well, me too, when I'm in the car. Actually, it is honestly a pretty great gadget, although the female voice tends to get on the nerves, but I can assure you I have one in my future, too. It is the awesomest thing for someone like me, and it doesn't yell at you too much when you don't turn where it said to.

We just got back from the Red Lobster, we both skipped breakfast and lunch, and combined all meals into one about 3:30. It was very good, as usual. I made a pig of myself as usual, too.

My leave time in the morning has been pushed up to FOUR AM. I am not happy, but I have to be in Ottumwa, Iowa at 10:30 am, the accountants office to get this closing of the dealership property on the road. It figures that it would be scheduled at an hour that doesn't work for me, and Bill didn't want me to have to leave so early and offered to change it to a different, later time tomorrow, bu that would involve trying to get three others on the same schedule once again, and frankly I just want it over with. So, I will get on the road tomorrow at four, and be where I am supposed to be close the the time agreed upon. UGH.

Well, I will get back to having far we have laughed until I snorted, cried a little, gotten lost and found, eaten, drank alot of coffee and otherwise, coffee for Soul, otherwise for me. I
am rather surprised that I am able to function at all on this puter, but I have to admit, it's getting a little easier...maybe there's hope for me yet.


SOUL: said...


get off the damn computer and talk to me--

hiya peeps!!!

Brad said...

Hello too you both - I'm glad your having so much fun, so much so that I won't lecture on skipping meals.

Pics???? Pls??? I think I've made it known that I think Soul is a sexy babe but I've only your sidebar pic from your blog (long night in Vegas) of you.

Wish I could just drop by and have a beer with you both.

Ottumwa, Iowa !!! Say hi to Gopher's mother for me.


Anonymous said...

oh guys.... get off the puter and chat! but not before you post pics....

Kelly Jene said...

You guys sound like you're having the best time! Keep snorting... it adds to the laughter.

I agree... we demand pics!!!

CRUSTYBEEF said... cute!!

And I loved your comment over by me the other day..too funny..I am hectic, that's for sure!

Glad you had a good time with her!!

Portia said...

Yayeeeeee:) Sounds like you guys had a great time. With all you've got going on it's so cool that you make time for things like this. I hope you had a safe trip back and all went well today!

SOUL: said...

i'm late for the dr-- let me know you're home... k

how'd things go at the meeting


i gotta go


Brad said...
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Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm glad you made it home safe and soung and that you had all kinds of fun. There was never any question I know!! Hopefully the next meeting will be much longer AND we can see pics!! Although I sure don't blame you for not wanting to share if you look like hammered sh--. I wouldn't do it either. No way. I sure hope you remembered to give each an extra hug from me. Now get some rest and smile at your happy memories. Love, Charlotte

Golden To Silver Val said...

Safe and SOUNG....what the H? Oh,you know what I meant. LOL
Damn nails. Yeah....yeah...that's right. Nails too long.
BTW, I love your house....BUT sure wouldn't like all those stairs that have to be in there!!! I hope you have good luck selling us some inside pictures too if you can.

SOUL: said...

i just noticed the tag--"snorting is not good while drinking"

good thing your peeps know what ya mean.. not too sure about new peeps-- but hell, it'll keep em guessin i reckon. :))

where the hell are you?

get UP