Sunday, May 11, 2008

Me and P

Happy Mother's Day!

I am sad that I cannot see my kiddo's today, but I have got to get my lazy self packed and get on the road early this afternoon. My children and I will see each other for dinner next Saturday, when I come back for the weekend. I will survive, but I really hate that I miss this day with them. Actually, I haven't seen ANY of them all week, not since Monday when I worked with son number one at the ICS. So, by next week, I will be more than ready. I understand I have a new grand puppy, a really cute little fawn colored boxer puppy named Kingsley. I like the name, as I understand that he will be a 75 pound brute before too long. Janelle is in heaven with her new baby, and I cannot wait to see him.

So, I am totally unorganized for this upcoming ordeal, as usual. But, I have an amazing ability to get it together, when needed. So, I will make good use of my time this morning. I will leave around noon, that will put me there around five. I am not excited at the prospect of a roommate that I have never met, hell---I don't like sharing my living quarters with my own kids or husband, LOL, but I will manage. I will probably like her, and if not, I can handle faking it. Apparently, I have alot to learn, and that will be my main focus for these two weeks. I am feeling very unsure of myself in this new position, it has been many years since I haven't had to value a trade in, or coach a salesman on what to say to get the car SOLD. I can and have learned to swear like a sailor, and I don't believe this new venture will be conducive to that kind of behavior. I am SO accustomed to being the only woman in the room....I kind of like the idea of being one of the crowd. And I have got to remember how to act like a, there is no way. While I am a woman, I am not nor will I ever be a true lady. I have never acted or even thought like one. I yam what I and old Popeye.

So anyway, you all have a great day---if you are a mom, take the day and do anything you want, you have certainly earned that right. If you have a mom, make sure to see her or call her. I will be around, I have my new trusty laptop...if I can work the damned thing. Take it easy, y'all. Later. :)


Summer said...

Happy Mother's Day Jamie!

bonnie said...

Happy Mother's Day! I am so excited for your new adventure. I hope you have wireless at your hotel and will keep us updated. You're gonna be tired though. Have a wonderful time! xoxoxoxo

Mary said...

Jamie, I made a career in a man's world - a world full of both civilian and military. It isn't easy to make the conversion to being a more normal lady. My parents, bless their hearts, tried to "lady me up" but it was a lost cause. Believe me, you'll make the change and be great. When you've survived and succeeded in that "man's world" anything else is a piece of cake.

Have a safe trip and a happy mother's day next weekend.

Smocha said...

Happy mothers day!!

And have a good trip! Hope your rommie turns out to be fun.

SOUL: said...

i hope you have a great week-- five days-- it's only five days-- you'll be fine--
i hope you and the room-mate get along... liking each other might be a stretch -- lol... just kidding. i do hope it works out. i know it's nerve wracking.

anyhow-- you'll be fine.

you make me want to leave you with a string of cusswords-- lol -- but i won't do that.


Brad said...

Happy Mother's Day Sis -


Golden To Silver Val said...

I hear ya Jamie! I worked with cops for 25 years and that's a whole 'nother world for sure. If you're too much of a 'lady', they sure will use it to their advantage and go WAY out of their way to embarrass. You're gonna be just fine no matter what you take on...cause that's just the kind of gal you are! I wouldn't like a stranger for a roomie either, but it won't be for long. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she doesn't have to keep the TV on all night "so she can sleep". LOL
Keep us posted!
Happy Mom's Day to a really great one. Love, Charlotte

Foster Communications said...

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope your roomie isn't a stinker.
You'll be in my neck of the woods!!!

Cheryl said...

You'll just have to make up for Mother's Day some other time. I know you were in your kids thoughts all day.

So, the new adventure starts tomorrow. I can't imagine spending a week in a hotel room with a stranger, but hopefully like you, she'll be anticipating the best and you might even make a new friend. Do you have earplugs? I'm such a light sleeper and never leave home without them. I hope we'll hear from you during the week. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Jamie!

Kelly Jene said...

Happy Mother's Day! I certainly hope you find some enjoyment in your training and your time away. Here's hoping your roomie is a neat person.

You're in my prayers!

Gypsy said...

Happy very belated Mothers Day Jamie. It's going to take me weeks to catch up and that's only if no-one posts anything else between now and then.

I would HATE having a roomie. Gawd I would think "I finally get to escape hubby and the kids and I have to share with a stranger. What kind of twisted humour is that?"

Rebecca said...

Happy Mother's day to you!!

I totally get what you said about acting like a lady. Man, I have to remind myself all the time! I swear like a Marine. I sit with my legs spread like a man. I can seriously belch!! Still wrestle with my son. But, if I put on a dress, I am a little better at remembering ;) Oh, well, I am sure you will make all necessary adjustments just about effortlessly.