Monday, May 26, 2008

Blink me into the future, will ya?

What a crazy, whirlwind weekend this has been. Not a moment to stop and sit, running all the time. Needless to say, I'm tired, worn all the way through and somewhat cranky. :)

Today, however, I don't believe I have to leave this house, and that is more than fine with me. Although if I keep with plans made for this day, I will be busy packing boxes to move and getting ready for a long, hard week of work. I am going to try to commute, although just the idea makes me tired, I am already working most days from open to close, which is eleven hours, add three and a half hours of commuting to that, I'm wondering how long that will last. I can stay in Des Moines, but I don't want to stay in a hotel anymore, I am really, really tired of that. I guess I will just have to see. I do know that I need to iron and get a week's worth of clothes ready today, there will be no time for any of that each day. If you all knew how iron challenged I was, you would laugh. Mark is no better, and he is ex-military! I really thought that a military man had to be a good ironer. But anyway, I generally add more wrinkles than take them out, it's almost funny.

We did spend (waste) all day on Saturday looking at apartments. No go, on any of them. Most of them just won't take a Chow. They will take a dog, in some cases, even a big dog, but they will not take her breed. The only one that actually said they would, I just won't live in. Ugh. We did find another one that would suit our needs but in the long run, it will run way more money than the apartment I told you all about last week, so we will be calling first thing tomorrow to find out if the one that I described to you then is still available. It was the one that was in among the shops and you remember? It probably is no longer available, things like that don't last too long, if so, then I have no idea what we will do. It will just have to fall into place, I am out of energy to worry about it. So, I will attempt to start packing up this place, even though I have zero idea to what location we will take all this stuff.

Yesterday, we went to the ICS, we hadn't seen Craig for quite awhile. He is tired and worn out, but making it. He has a huge amount of responsibility now, and that is alot to ask of a 23-but-will-be-24-this-Thursday. He is doing a really good job, though. Janelle was there, working with him yesterday. It was good to see the both of them. Then we took a break and went to my favorite place, had a few beers and took a time out. We got in somewhat late, although before midnight, and I am feeling it all today. I spent a good portion of my morning yesterday trying to clean this place up, and that is just a waste of time, so much of what had been here all these years has been gotten rid of, that attempting to make it look like my home once again is just stupid. I just cannot live among a mess, and there is no way to avoid it right now. Someone just blink me into the new place, all unpacked and ready to go, will ya?

The weather here last night was down right scary, as I know it has been in so many places. Tornado's too close for comfort, seven dead here in Iowa, alone. What a strange weather year. And they say the storm season is just beginning.

Well, I have bills to pay, money to deposit and a race to watch, although I already know who won...but I may just watch all six hours today...You all have a wonderful, wonderful day today. :)


Amanda said...

I love the title. If I could blink us there I would. Wishing you the best Monday possible. :)

Cheryl said...

Can you iron while you watch the race? The only time I have to iron is in the warm weather...all my capri's need it, unfortunately. I took out the iron yesterday and I plan to do it all today. NO fun, though I am good at it.

I hope you find the first apartment still available. That commute is way, way too long, and the gas will deplete the bank!

You'll look back, and this time of chaos will be a memory. I hope everything gets settled soon.

Enjoy your last day off!

Smocha said...

Why don't you have crazy dogs hair trimmed a little more...(like the lion head and the tail) and say she/he is a mutt :)

Ignorance is bliss lol

Good luck with that. We have the same problem with 3 cats.

Happy Monday!

Smocha said...


have you checked Craigslist for rentals?

Gypsy said...

Hopefully something wonderful will come up for you soon as far as apartments go and I really hope that you have a great first week at your new job. I know not having anywhere to live is a bit of a worry but these are exciting new times too. Just think a little while ago you didn't think a job was going to come up and look how great that turned out.

I hope you can try and schedule in a little bit if R&R this weekend. You certainly deserve it.

Portia said...

Wow, what a week it has been for you! I knew you would make it through the corporate training, but am so glad it's *over*. I hope you enjoy your last day before heading into your new daily grind, and wish you good luck with it when you get there! Your new home will not be far behind, I'm sure:) I just hope the weather behaves where you are.
I'm sorry to hear about your step-dad, but hoping for the best of course, and he and your mom will certainly be remembered in our prayers.

Mary said...

You must be just used up after all the stress and schedule you've been keeping. I do hope the apt you're calling about is available and that it works out well for you. Commuting is not a long-run solution for you - as if I need to say that. Glad you were able to spend a bit of time with your kids. Hope this day is kind to you and that you have time to relax.

ac said...

You are amazing. You have more stamina in your little finger than I do in my whole body. Just reading this made me tired. ha! I hope you sit down ALL day and watch the entire race. My ironing is terrible too. I think it's my iron's fault. oh.. and about tomorrow... I know you will shine.

abbagirl74 said...

You have a wonderful day too!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm not sure where my iron IS. I have always hated to iron and will use the dryer and a fabric softener sheet instead. Maybe you'll have to settle for renting a house. That way I'm sure your animals would be OK. I will keep my fingers crossed and send a prayer up that you find just the right place....that long commute will take a big chunk of your pay with gas prices being what they are. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and can't wait to hear about the first day on the job. Big Hugs...Charlotte

Maria said...

One day this will all be behind you and you will be all settled in.

One day...I promise.

Andrew said...

I so admire you! You are an inspiration and I wanted you to know that. By now, Monday is winding down and another work week starts. Take care of yourself, okay? I am thinking of you!

SOUL: said...

holy crap-- i'm not just late-- i'm a whole damn day late--

today's the day-- i hope you love it. i know you may not even see this til tomorrow-- so it's kinda stupid to wish you luck today-- when i know you won't see it til later-- but i am thinkin of you and i prolly will for a lot of the day-- so, maybe you'll feel all our good vibes goin out to you and it will help.
i hope so.

anyways-- i noticed smocha said the exact same thing i did about chumley-- that's kinda funny

i hope you have a great day today

ac said...

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you today. Have a great first day! ac

Foster Communications said...

Good luck with the apartment search. It is no fun. Change can be fun but dang is it ever stressful!

fiwa said...

I'm not sure how it would work with suits, but have you ever tried Downy Wrinkle Remover? It is a life saver - I cannot iron to save my life. It really does work well.

Good luck today - I hope it all works out!


Rebecca said...

I am glad all the scary weather has missed you. I, though silent, have been thinking about you in all that.