Monday, April 21, 2008

Kitty CSI

I am still alive, I worked terribly hard yesterday, and I lived to tell the tale. I have a kitty, that would be the one I refer to as #2, that almost didn't however. Poor little Meisha, she had a terribly traumatic day...she is about as curious as any cat I have ever been around, and every little thing that I pulled out and sat on the table in the kitchen, had to be inspected and approved by her. I love to watch her investigate things, she make me laugh out loud every day. Yesterday however, she really, really was on a roll, very playful, and investigative, a regular CSI. When I left the room at one point, I left a giant box of already priced glassware sitting on top of the step-stool that I had been using. I heard the most deafening crash and the unmistakable sound of glass breaking, and poor little Meisha came flying out of the rubble like she was on fire. No, nearly nothing survived. Almost every piece in that box broke in the fall from only about three feet up to the floor below. It was quite a mess, and one I had to clean up quickly before we had glass shards in little paws. Just as soon as I sat back down from that little escapade, I heard another huge crash...since the weather yesterday was finally beautiful, I had many windows wide open...once again, Meisha went flying out of the room, and I realized the window that she had been sitting in, had come crashing down, apparently nearly on top of her, poor little thing. She is apparently fine, but she was a little skittish last night, hmmmm....I wonder why?

I made a huge dent in the workload yesterday, and my body feels it this morning, OMG. There is still plenty left to do, but I have time. It is hard but it feels freeing at the same time. My house is looking a little bare, though, not really like my home anymore.

Steph (my youngest's gf) came over in the evening, and brought her sister and her new twins. I have to say those babies are beautiful. They are five weeks old, and just plain yummy. It was hard having them here, I wanted to cry at my own daughters loss a couple of months back, on the other hand, it was good for me to be with them. I held one of them for quite a while. The feeling of a baby in my arms is one that is completely natural to me, and I couldn't help myself from wishing this one was the one I should/would have been holding in a few months had things worked the way I wanted them to. But I know that God knows best. I guess that's all I have to say about that.

Janelle and Craig came over earlier in the day, they helped me a little. All in all, it was a good day, and today will be much the same. I will have Mark's help today, that will be better.

Happy Monday to you all.


Amanda said...

OMG it's a good thing cats have 9 lives. Have a great week Jamie!

Golden To Silver Val said...

No time to read your post right now but wanted to tell you that I've given you an award...come see me and get it. Hugs!

Rebecca said...

LOL. Poor kitty!! Glad she is ok, and that you are making steady progress. Also good you had a break! 5 week old twins do sound yummy. Heartbreakingly yummy.


Gypsy said...

Hey Jamie, Just been playing catch up again. I'm sorry you didn't get the truck stop job but don't "dumb" yourself down. I don't know how things work in the States but over here in the Land of Oz, people often get overlooked for positions because they are OVER qualified so don't feel bad if you're not even getting the menial jobs.

I know it's hard when you don't know when it will end but the right job is out there, just the timing is a little off. On the bright side, imagine trying to move and pack while trying to settle into a new job. Like I said....timing. Once you have moved and you are settled the perfect job will fall into your lap when you are able to give it the required time and committment. Listen to Aunt Gypsy....I know these things.

Brad said...

Be happy that your kitty's not bringing you 'presents' Miss Lilly had a three mouse weekend !

Maria said...

I, too, love babies. Who would have thought? I didn't really know it until Liv was born, though. I remember holding her in my arms and just melting like I never have in my life.

There will be another in your arms. Someday....

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you got so much done. Like you said, it's freeing. I can't even imagine packing up my house.

Your kitty has used at least one life with that window!

Golden To Silver Val said... glad kitty wasn't hurt. I hate seems like no matter how careful you are, you're still finding little pieces weeks later. Cats sure are funny with being so curious about stuff...I miss having a cat. Anyway...glad you're coming along nicely with everything. HA...just when you get your house all torn up...that'll be when you get a call to start work someplace. You know it always happens that way...LOL
Take it easy...don't over-do. Hugs, Charlotte

Mary said...

Sounds like you're making progress. Poor kitty cat. She must think her world is coming to an end. Glad she wasn't hurt and that you made progress even though there was excitement and clean-up involved.

Kelly Jene said...

Poor Kitty!! I know my cats would have freaked out too. They are such curious creatures. Every time we come in the house from being gone, one of our girls has to sniff us (precisely on the forehead) and approve us as we enter the room.

I hear you about the baby. Oh boy do I hear you. Take care of yourself ok? Don't overwork yourself.

Portia said...

I agree that God knows best, but it's still hard to let go sometimes.

I love #2's name, Meisha:)