Monday, April 21, 2008

A number I don't like.

This is post number 666. Ack!

I do not like that number, for obvious reasons, so I shall call this post number 665.2. Is that okay with everyone?

Now, I'm off to post number 667. teehee.


Amanda said...

I don't like Friday the 13th either. :)

SOUL: said...

just playin catch up.. before i crash out. i thought that would have already happened--an hour ago-- but it has not. hmmm. it's on the way tho-- i think i'm kinda fighting it for some reason. dunno why-- you know i love to sleep. not.
anyhow-- you sound real good the latest few posts.. i hope you really are. progress is alwasy good.

lu u pal
tty later

SOUL: said...

that was luV ya pal
i am in typo hell lately ya know.
or pewrhaps just hell altogether. who knows.
doesn't matter.. todays knews wasn't horrible.. for the preliminary anyhow.
or rough draft?
few more days for the published version.
that's author speak..btw

little buzzed still.. but hey-- it's legal..i'm allowed. :))

happy tuesday

desert dirt diva said...

sounds good to me, and that accident i wrote about happened on a full moon