Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kittys and tacky and dorky, oh my!

I wanted to try something different today, so here is a photo blog of my Saturday.

This is Mason, AKA known as Farfield, because Soul and I cannot ever find the G Key when we are "chatting" in the morning...and because he sleeps on my head, like Garfield slept on John's head, in the comic strip.
This is Meisha. She loves Mark and always hops into his briefcase anytime he opens it.

Yesterday, Mark and I said the hell with it - and decided we needed to get out of the house. So we drove to our most favorite restaurant on earth, a place that would indeed win THE MOST TACKY PLACE EVER award. It is hands down the best place on the planet for fried catfish. It is in Sedalia Missouri, three hours away from where I live.

It is next to the Missouri state fair grounds.

This is my plate - and no, I didn't eat ALL of it. Almost but not all. I hate coleslaw if you must know, so Mark ate mine.

So then, I asked Mark to take a picture of me that wasn't dorky. Riiggght.

This was attempt number 1. One eye partially open, the other completely closed. Good job Mark.

Then, below is attempt number 2. BOTH eyes closed. Even better.

Below, you will find attempt number 3. We gave up.

And finally, a photo of Mark, while he drives. He always looks dorky, so I didn't try again.

Happy Sunday!


Josie Two Shoes said...

This was delightful, and I'm so glad you two decided to just escape it all for a few hours - the best medicine in the world. We had exactly the same thing to eat yesterday and it was indeed yummy! Your furbabies are adorable,and they certainly have moved into your hearts since coming to live with you. I can't wait until we are settled into our new place and ready to hit the animal shelter to adopt a couple new "kids"! :-)Praying hard that all the pieces of our puzzle will start falling into place for you - ready or not, on with life we go. Love you Jamie!

Brad said...

Dang! I wished I lived closer - I'd love to go have lunch with the two of you! And that pic is not dorky. You a lovely looking Lady, and the dude ain't bad either.

Happy Sunday sis !

ac said...

You two are adorable!

I couldn't see the kitties... I'm sure they are cute too.

Good to see you out having a nice time.

You look you could fix anything! ac

Cheryl said...

The last two pictures were great. Not dorky. Happy! I'm glad you got a way. Was is a nice day for a drive?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh Jamie...isn't it great to just get away like that? I LOVE your kitties!!! Does Farfield REALLY have blue eyes like my monitor is showing? If so....they are beautiful...and I've always LOVED black cats! They are truly special fur babies! The last picture of you is a pretty good actually look relaxed. I usually don't like anyone's cole slaw but my own...however I've found it you add a tad of sugar to restaurant cole slaw it does help A LOT. Of course the other option is just to leave it. LOL Glad your day was a good one!

JYankee said...

HOw totally cute.... you are both adorable...and anyone who takes glamorous photos..well..that's what those "glamour" magazines are for! ha ha....nice post!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Went out, ate some good food, had fun taking pictures - that was a blast :)

Ahhh the plate of food looks so yummy :) if your kitty go with you, will they fight to eat the fish?

Mary said...

I love the pics. Nothing Dorky there. Just a wonderful couple out for a plesant day together. Nothing could be better. Your kitties are beautiful. Their coats are so smooth and healthy. Our cat was a ferral cat. She's very healthy but she doesn't have a pretty coat. We don't care. We love her anyway.

Kelly Jene said...

What a great post! It was so nice to see things you love and enjoy. Have a good week!

desert dirt diva said...

you guys look great and what sounds like a great sat. it was cold here and my sister called and gave me the great news , it was snowing at her house, mind you she only lives ten min. away.. so i run outside to see if we might be getting any snow.. and i'll be damn ed if it did not look like it was snowing at my old house which is over the hill about an eighth of a friggin mile....glad to be back on and reading everyones blogs.. yea for me..

Summer said...

I love these pictures! And coleslaw. Haha.

Smocha said...

I loved this post! Adorable...the whole lot of you.

I also hate coleslaw. ewww!

Have a great Monday!

Beth said...

you are so freakin cute!!! Even with your eyes closed!!!

sorry life is sp up in the air for you right now....but I love ya!

Portia said...

this cracked me up, and i just realized that i forgot to say so this morning. i love ALL the pictures, but especially the ones of you two!

Rebecca said...

What great photos! And dorky is as dorky does, so you're not dorky! Great to spend some quality time out of dodge!

I, too, have a kitty that sleeps on my head. That would be chumley.

I don't particularly like catfish. But I love coleslaw :)


bonnie said...

Ditto on all these comments. I like coleslaw, but that thing on your plate looks like something that shouldn't be there. Sounds like it was a good day.