Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kiss an Angel good morning.

This is my older sis, Trav.

This is my little sister, Shell.

This is her husband, Rob.
Their oldest - Alex. Mom's eyes, huh?

My Carli. There are those eyes again.

My Jordy on the left, Craig on the right. My Janelle, and Craig again.
My Steph, Jordy's GF. Today is their
two year anniversary.

My Mark.
Yours truly, I had been in the kitchen for awhile by then, wet sleeves and dishpan hands.

Jordy's feet. Apparently. Don't ask me...

Yesterday was the best day ever. My mom did get out of the hospital, and everyone made it to her house for her birthday celebration. It was a good time, no one was upset, there was no fighting, no issues. In my family, that can be rare. My food was perfect, although I about didn't make enough, that has never happened before. I don't know if I underestimated the crowd or if everyone was just that hungry, but we almost ran out of everything. We didn't though, and that just meant fewer leftovers to be dealt with.

Just before we ate, everyone was called into my mom's bedroom for a prayer, and I looked around at every person there, while my sis was talking with God. I felt so peaceful, so grateful, and so happy that every person in that room had made it there that day, each of them had listened to me, and understood that it was important that we be together on that day. Each of my beautiful kids had understood that I needed them to be there, and perhaps they understood that they needed to be there, also. Whatever their reason for going, I was grateful. It can be so hard to get everyone gathered in the same place, at the same time, the older they all get. It was a moment to be cherished, and I did.

It was so wonderful to spend the time with my younger sister, we don't get to see each other very much. She is so not well, and has so many issues, I worry about her, alot. She has been a type 1 diabetic since she was in her teens, and that, combined with her back (spine) issues, has made me spend many sleepless nights over the years. I am ten years older than she, and I felt at times growing up that she was like my own. Her family has become the greatest little unit, they all understand and love each other regardless of the issues, and they have had many. My oldest niece, Alex has become such a kind and caring near-adult. My youngest one, Carli- is just about the sweetest little girl I have ever been around. Having her here overnight was one of the most fun things I have done recently.

I was able to spend quite alot of time with my older sis, Trav, the past week. She has been here since last Sunday, and has spent the week really helping out with our mom. I have told you all before what she means to me, without her help and understanding, now and back during our frightful childhood, I don't believe I would be here, today. She is the most amazing person. She has a husband that she has been married to forever, they met in high school, and it's still going strong. They have two wonderful sons, my nephews, that couldn't be here yesterday. They too, are an amazing family.

I realize that reading this and looking at the cornflakes box photos of our lives is really boring when you aren't part of our lives, and for those of you that are still with me, I appreciate it. It is important to me to record these moments, as we all know, time marches on...and one day, there will be no more opportunity for all of us to be together.

And now that I am frustrated beyond belief with blogger and photos....ugh. I will tell you all to have a perfectly wonderful day. :)


Brad said...

I'm so glad to hear and see you having so much fun. It's about time. Can you get a pic of Mom so I can see the whole eye generations ?

I'm feeling much better but unfortunatly Jay's come down with the crud. At least I'm up for nursing him. He's in the bedroom with chills as I type.

Blessing to you on this Easter Day. A little Easter bunny kiss on your cheek.


simonsays said...

Brad, she WAS there. In a photo, that is now gone, ugh. I hate blogger and photos, or maybe it's just ME. I am technologically challenged, you know. UGH.

But anyway, she was there. And she has the big brown cow eyes that both my sisters have. I did not inherit those, dammit.

SOUL: said...

brad! you know I am sposed to be first around here-- but that's alright--
happy easter!!

jamie-- i LOVE the pix-- you all look soooo good ... i am soo happy you were all together and had a good day!!! i told ya -- i thunk. i just had a feelin, things would be good for you.

and yes carli is a sweetie---- wanna trade? that's a good age--in comparison to mine :))

laterz-- have a good day-- take care of yo-self!!!

Smocha said...

I'm sooo glad that your day turned out so perfect. Those are the memories that keep us going on the shitty days. ::))

Beautiful family!

Happy Easter!!

desert dirt diva said...

yes that sounded like a great day.. reading this is going to make me cherish today even more.. and yes this did bring me to tears...I will being going to my sisters, and my mom will be there this is the first time she has been at any of our stuff in years and it will be really nice.. if ya all don't know i love my mom so much..

ac said...

Your family is tres' lovely. I'm glad you had such a nice day. Happy Easter! ac

JYankee said...

Happy Easter! Yeah blogger has it's issues.... that's why I switched... oh well.. anyways...LOVELY pics and you truly are blessed with a lovely family. It's so great that everyone came thru and made for this Easter....

Cheryl said...

I want to thank your whole family for being there for you. To hear you so happy made me so happy. This was just the kind of day you needed. Your family sounds wonderful and I know you're grateful to have most everyone together. Now you go rest, OK?

Summer said...

You have a beautiful family. This made me smile. Happy Easter my friend.

Gypsy said...

"I realize that reading this and looking at the cornflakes box photos of our lives is really boring when you aren't part of our lives". Are you kidding me Jamie?

This post did my heart a power of good. I have been worried about you for so long and to hear you sounding so happy and was a beautiful thing.

I'm very happy to hear that you all got there for your mum and for each other. There is nothing in this world more important or precious than family. Cherish every moment. You look like an awesome bunch and you look gorgeous.

SOUL: said...


Portia said...

:) the pictures are awesome, and what a beautiful family you have to show off! very glad to hear your mom is doing better. i am so glad you got to spend this time with those that mean the most to you. and to hear you say it was the best day ever, is just really, really great to hear. i'm so glad it was a happy easter:)

Portia said...

Oops, I meant Easter eve slash Mom's Birthday...I got too used to all the Easter blessings!


You have a beautiful family! And you yourself are just adorable!!!!!

It's amazing the resemblance!!
Such a great family!!

I'm happy to hear that your mom is outta the hospital.

Sorry this is a bit late..I hope you had a great Easter!!!


Your hair looks sooooo cute up!

Terri said...

wow; great that the family could all get together. I'm sure it's just what the doc ordered. Here's hoping mom gets better and the job offers start flowing in!

bonnie said...

I'm catching up on all I missed from you while I was away. Are you kidding about this being boring? I love reading about you and your family. It makes me want to write about mine. We could compare hellish childhood stories. That might be interesting. I also love to peek behind the photos and see your house.