Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Spring, so why is it so cold?

Happy Saturday before Easter. It is late for me to get here, my schedule is all out of whack. Everything in my life is out of whack, if you want the truth.

My little sis and most of her family is here, Carli, my three year old niece is a trip. She is a total chatterbox, and such a little beauty.

Today is my Mother's birthday, she is 73. I think she will be getting out of the hospital this morning. We will all converge on her house this afternoon. I have the dinner all ready, but I do think I will make a chocolate cake this morning, as not everyone likes cheesecake.

Today is also the anniversary of my Snowman's death - three years ago today, we had to put him down. I have never been the same. I know he is in doggie heaven, waiting for me, and I look forward to seeing him as much as I do anyone else. The photo I have posted here is one that was taken just before he died, after he was very sick. He was a beautiful little Shar-pei, full of fun and energy all the time. I miss him more than I can say.

Well, on to brighter things...

Carli loved her Easter basket, I let her have it last night, so that it wouldn't interfere with the one from the real bunny on Sunday morning. She is a funny girl, wasn't really interested in the candy, but loved the toys and stuffed animals I bought. My kids were all candy hounds, still are, actually. Carli actually had a banana when she got here, although my house is full of junk and she could have had anything she wanted. It made me laugh. In fact, she is a tomato freak. She would rather have tomatoes than anything in the world. When she was really little, barely walking, she would visit our Ice Cream Store, and eat pickles. Good habits, really. I hope they stick all her life.
Have a great Saturday. I plan to....and I will try to take pics of the family gathering, if I can remember, these days, I hardly remember my name. Later.


SOUL: said...


Anonymous said...

shit shit shit..... that darn gecko..... oh well... Happy Easter! Another one of those holidays that I can't remember either! Hope it all goes well.

SOUL: said...

anyhow-- i had to stay first- so now i will continue-- :))

i am soooo sorry-- i sooo meant to mention snowman this morning. i reallly did. i hope you are ok with that today.

i hope you have a very good day with your family. remember that it might be a while before you all get together again at the same time, and i do hope it is a good day for every one of you!!!

do take pix.. i'll text you and remind you-- k


my kid is a tomato hound too-- that's one thing i think may not change.

the cuteness? that i'm afraid, we both know-- will be gone by age 7-- you know how girls are. :)) enjoy her while she's still sweet!!!



SOUL: said...

lol.. seee? that's what i'm talkin bout-- i'm gettin just a little bit smarter these days :))

hiya yankee

Brad said...

Awww man - I wanna get down on the floor and snuggle that puppy mug - what a sweetie ! - Happy Day to you sis.

fiwa said...

I hope your mom comes home today!
Chocolate cake, I hope you made enough for me too - that is making me hungry.

Sweet puppy - I know just what you mean, I love my dog so much. I am sure she is part angel and yours looks like she was too.

I hope you enjoy the day with your family.


Mary said...

Hope everything goes well with your Mother's homecoming. She will surely enjoy having her family there for her b'day. We, the older generation, love it when the younger bunch remembers us.

Have a wonderful Easter with family.

Smocha said...

Hope you are having a wonderful day with your family!
And what an adorable little dog. I Believe pets go to Heaven! :))

Kelly Jene said...

Carli sounds adorable. And your doggie is beautiful. I can't even think of the day when my kitty will leave me. Hugs to you.

I hope you have a good holiday!!

Happy Easter!

desert dirt diva said...

the dog looks awsome... sorry to hear he is now in doggy heaven, he is playin with my clyde,..rascal..have a great easter well i must now go play bunny ...night.

Portia said...

Snowman was a real beauty! I'm glad you shared his picture with us to honor his birthday. I still think about and miss Bogart all the time, and we had to put him down in 2001. I agree, there just aren't words to explain it.

bonnie said...

I'm sorry for you missing your dog. Could you get another dog to love? I have a dog and two cats. I love my cats but they are not a dog. That sounded quite brilliant, don't you think?