Saturday, March 01, 2008

I got-got-got-got no TIME.

No time this morning, out too late, up too early...ugh. Tired, that's what it's called. And I MUST be on time and presentable for my new boss. NOT.

Kids, I have been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale. But I just don't have time to tell it right now. The past week has been right up there on the MOST tense, and MOST screwed up week of my life. But I belong to the new guy now, at least in a business sense. I have survived, and gotten most of what I needed to, done. The rest remains to be seen.

Have a really, really good Saturday. I will try to get back here later, otherwise, tomorrow is Sunday, and I don't have to work! I shall see you all then. Much love. J.


Caroline said...

I just can't imagine the stress you've had this week. I hope you find some peace. Somewhere. This weekend.

SOUL: said...

ya know-- you may not have time , right now-- and yes, you've had a shitty-- (OOPS sorry) -- last several weeks--- but ya know-- you really have accomplished alot-- and that is something, that you can be proud of! so try to look at it that way. every coin has two sides. you could be bitter, and angry-- that you have nearly killed yourself for someone you don't like or respect-- only for a job that you are going to leave---

you can find pride and respect in yourself-- for a job well done-- under physical, and mental conditions, that many would have simply walked away from-- or sucked up a paycheck from , doing nothing, and leaving a mess for new owner... just because they could.

you have good things coming your way my friend. i feel it. finish the job at hand-- and take advantage of some much needed and deserved time off that you have coming to you...
things are going to be just fine.

besides that--- i just might see a trip to soulland in my crystal ball for you too-- if not-- maybe half way?? yep-- i do-- i do! :))

hope you have a good day today-- make your time away from work-- really time away from work.. leave it all there-- and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!
and maybe some hair of the dog that bit ya! :))

latah bebe`

Mary said...

I have to say "ditto" to everything Soul said so well.

When you leave work leave it at the office. Make your time away your own and guard it well.

Hope your injuries from falling are not as painful today.

bonnie said...

Wow, I'm looking forward to Sunday for you. Just one more day, babe.

Brad said...

I have to agree with soul too - Good things await friend - be well and take care of yourself.

Beth said...

girl, just for making it through what you've gone deserve all good things!!


there's extra room in this home here in florida..come join us, and bring Soul too!

Here's some sand, and seagulls sans the poop, some fish fairies for the both of you ladies, and sunshine too!
Hi from the sunshine state!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I can't wait to hear about this day after its over. Clue us in on New Owner...I have him pictured as a very egotistical and bullheaded man who will be very sorry that he replaced you (as well as the others)...but wouldn't admit it in a million years. He's to looking forward to SUNDAY and a day of peace for you. Hope your butt is not so sore today.
Can you believe that our County has RUN OUT of salt? They have been rationing it...mixing it with sand to stretch it out. What little salt is available from private companies...their prices tripled. I guess that's proof that this winter has been worse than previous ones.
Enjoy your weekend, dear friend.

Kelly Jene said...

I admire you so much. Yes you've had a hellish week, but you made it. You're alive to tell the tale. I'm sure you're more affected by it then you tell us, but I know you are a strong woman.

Rest lots tomorrow. Hugs!

Foster Communications said...

You need a vacation. You deserve a vacation. A vacation and a cabana boy...just sayin'

SOUL: said...

ooooh ya, a cabana boy!