Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A day in the life....

Yes, I know I'm late today, I'm turning into a slacker. Well, that and I can hardly move because of the pain in my back. Holy crap, old age sucks.

I am eating deli chicken and garlic potatoes for breakfast. Ain't life grand?



Rebecca said...

Bette Davis says old age is no place for sissies. I have to agree. However, you are hardly old!!!

SOUL: said...

love the pic-- how the hell did I miss that one???

your breakfast sounds much better than mine--
or OATMEAL, for that matter!

hope you have a good day--


Cheryl said...

Any chance you guys could get away for a few days? Sounds like you need a break between ending work and getting a new job. Maybe a visit with Soul?

It's hours your back any better?

Andrew said...

Breakfast sounded LOVELY. I had two honey ham sandwiches for supper. Got to feeling better, okay? I read you everyday. I need to comment more. I am a slacker about that.

Anonymous said...

hey...any kind of breakfast sounds good to me. i've been known to eat worse!