Sunday, February 17, 2008

Such a Sunday...

This has been a pretty rotten day, although I really can't say why, I guess I am just pissy this evening. I am so damned tired of being stuck inside, although the snow storm that actually happened wasn't as bad as predicted. We did get another five inches of snow on top of quite a lot of ice, but the wind hasn't been as bad as they all said it would. But still, it is enough to keep me from running outside.

I took a nap, and made a meal, and watched the race, which was a good race, but Tony didn't win..

But I am feeling just pissy. Ack...Monday tomorrow, back to work again, and I'm so covered up there I can't hardly breathe, and I have promised to go to the city with Janelle in the afternoon, so I will get that much farther behind. But we are going to do a little shopping and have lunch and go by her aparment to pick up a few things she needs when she leaves for North Carolina on Tuesday...

My neck hurts this evening. I think I must have slept wrong - and I was supposed to start physical therapy last week, but when my parts manager was arrested, I had to cover the back, and I had to reschedule for this Tuesday. I am not looking forward to it, but I am hoping it helps.

I am feeling like a bad daughter, I haven't talked to my mom for several days, and it just dawned on me that I did nothing-NOTHING- for her on Valentines Day, and I don't think I have ever forgotten her before. In my defense, I didn't buy anyone anything for that day this year, and always in the past, I have bought for my mom, my kids and their sig others, and of course, for Mark. But this year, I wasn't in the mood even for doing any shopping, and all hell had broken loose at work, and I have had trouble recently just making it through my days, let alone doing it all well. But I do feel bad, and I need to call her and explain. Tonight, I don't have the energy. I will have to do it tomorrow, I guess. I am sure she is hurt.

Enough of my complaining, don't you agree? I do apologize. Just one of those days, I think. I hope your Sunday has been better. Later.


ac said...

I never get tired of reading your posts. You put a lot of yourself into them and that makes them interesting to me. And you write well and you are funny too when things are going that way for you. What I'm trying to say but saying it badly is .... I will be a happy reader no matter what you write. Hope you have a great time in the city with Janelle. Buy me something. HA!

Gypsy said...

Hoping your Monday will be better than your Sunday Jamie and that you and Janelle have a great time together doing lunch and shopping. It will probably do you both good to have a change of scenery.

Mary said...

Toney didn't win but at least he didn't get sent to the principal's office after the race. Bless his heart, he gets into trouble without even trying. After it's over he flashes that cute little boy smile and all is good until next time.

Cheryl said...

Some days are just pissy. No matter what. It seems like with your job, it's hard to stay ahead. You're down two important people, and you can't fix it all, no matter how much you try. So, tomorrow, give yourself a break. You have a date...make the most of it. And Valentine's? I think everyone understands. Really. If they don't, they should. Just my 2 cents.

Amanda said...

Stop hogging all that snow. Share with us!

Ok, lame joke. Valentines is highly overrated anyway.

SOUL: said...

really sorry you had a crappy day---
sounds like a lot of "thinkin".. we all know how that can do weird things to a "complicated" person. does sound like you tried to stay busy and focussed on other things though.

what'd ya cook!!?? was it good?
i know it was better than what ya been eatin. for the most part. but then, there were dishes. :(( did you make J clean the kitchen? does that EVER happen? :)

we saw the last half hour or so-- tony was kinda assy dontcha think..poor loser perhaps--i did think he was gonna take it for a minute tho--

guess what-- "you get to be normal, you get to go out to lunch"... make it a fun day-- leave the pressure at work, and enjoy your daughter. just might turn out to be a good time. it really happens once in a while :)) well-- if you aren't driving on a sheet of ice! be CAREFUL.

and hey-- quit worryin about valentines day-- just kiss yo H, call you mamma, and i'm sure your kids will survive a missed card :))
yep-- pretty sure of that one.

stop bein so hard on yourself.

have a goo day today -- do what ya can at work, enjoy your D... and let the rest fall into place. it will.

have a good one--or better--


I'm sure your mom would understand considering everything you guys are going through.

I know that pissy hold up feeling, it's annoying, and tiresome with this weather.


Portia said...

I'm sorry it was a crappy day, but I was thinking your mom will understand too. I hope the sun comes out and melts some of that ice.