Saturday, February 09, 2008

Blue and medium brown

So much for the best laid plans....last night was not what I thought it would be. H and I ended up staying in, Janelle was feeling pretty blue, and I thought she might need some company. Turns out, I think she's sick of my company, as she went up to her room and stayed there when she found out we were not going anywhere. Originally, I had hoped she would join us, at least for dinner. Tonight is her birthday celebration, I hope she is feeling up to it. Red Lobster, here we come....

Saturday, another work day. Ugh. But that is only after I color my hair. I don't care if it harelips the Governor, this time, I have to. I cannot remember ever looking this bad - even my ex commented on my gray hair peeking through last week. Yes, I was pleased...considering he has a pony tail down to the middle of his back that is pure white. The only reason I have let it go this long is my neck - trying to wait until I can bend my neck well enough to rinse it in the sink, but the shower will have to work, it's my only option. My neck is still not in good enough shape to bend it forward that far. In fact, my neck has been hurting quite alot this past week, and I don't think that is anything to mess with.

Have a great day! I hope it's filled with color - and fun. For me, mine will be filled with Preference Medium Brown. Later.


Summer said...

LOL @ Preference! I hope you have a good day and a good celebration tonight. Have a garlic cheese biscuit for me.

Gypsy said...

Well I bet the new medium brown hair do looks very glam and pretty. Sorry to hear that Janelle isn't feeling up to company. Sometimes we all need time to just be alone and come to terms with things in our own way. I'm sure she isn't sick of your company at all. You have been her rock and her pillar of strength.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and go out and show off your new hair do.

Mary said...

Ditto Gypsy's comment. Sometimes we need to hide and have a private talk with ourselves.

Speaking of hair - mine could certainly use a boost of color. It's not in the cards today, though.

Enjoy your evening. A trip to Red Lobster sounds good to me.

SOUL: said...

no blues allowed today woman.. and trust me the shower will rinse clean easier than you ever imagined.

think of me when you eat your friggin biscuit with a fork. i still chuckle at that.

make the server promise to take good care of you and get a to go cup for the ride home!

have FUN-- tease the staff-- and LAUGH dammit.


and ya.. what gypsy said-- dammit-- she's back to beatin me here

janelle-- get UP-- go out-- and make your mamma SNORT for me-- :)) (btw-- do you do that too??? )

SOUL: said...

son of a bitch-- mary slid right in there... i was sposed to be third!
hmmm. "shit"

Foster Communications said...

I am sure your hair will look great! I just made an appointment for a cut. I didn't think before the surgery, about how I wouldn't be able to get a cut for all of that time. My bangs are nearly to my chin!

I hope you guys enjoy the birthday celebration at Red Lobster! Happy birthday to Janelle!

SOUL: said...

sleepin in again?