Friday, January 04, 2008

How Blue?

So, I'm not SuperWoman yet. I about killed myself yesterday, and only by five pm. I really thought I could work until eight, after all, I'm cured. I realized about three that I am a dumbass, and I went home with most of the other employees. This recovery thing may take a little longer than I would like it to.

Friday again, good lord---these past weeks are a mess. I have to think hard to remember what day this is. Beginning next week, it's all back to normal, and I think I will like that better. At least I will know what day of the week it is.

To say that I am at the bottom of a crap-pile at work would be a bit of an understatement. I will be forever digging out. I have not even been able to visit all the blogs that I so love in some time, I read, but I've been too tired to comment. Forgive me if it looks like I have not been there. I will get back on track soon.

Each of you have a great Friday today---I will. I will not be running quite as hard as yesterday, though. :)


SOUL: said...

good to know that you have realized you can't quite run the boston marathon quite yet.
but you will get there. just start off a bit slower.

anyhow-- it seems there is something in the air. a lot of people are for some reason not keeping the days straight.
but yep.. hopefully next week will get that straightened out.

hope you aren't singin the blues today.
be happy...
have a great day

Golden To Silver Val said...

TGIF...yep, its Friday! I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend...your first in a long while without the neck brace! Keep smilin'. Blessings ~ Val

Andrew said...

Think of it as a marathon and not a short, furious spring. You give me hope, Jamie. Hope that I, too, can overcome my disability. You are a never ending source of inspiration. Rock On! And keep carrying on!

Andrew said...

sring = sprint My fingers type, but it doesn't always come out like I had planned! LOL Night Gal!

Foster Communications said...

Keep well!

I came back to read what life is like without the collar! I was looking at old pictures tonight and kept looking at my neck. Nothing else naked has ever looked so good!

Just glad I did this in December-imagine how hot and icky it would be to wear a collar in July!

Anonymous said...

do not worry .... got mt everest facing me on monday... OMG 2..... sometimes you just have to shut your yes and go home....

Portia said...

You are NOT a dumbass! You are understandably anxious to catch up on your responsibilities. And it seems you have a lot of those. I hope you find a comfortable balance between healing and all the rest that life demsnds.