Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ring Tones

It was time to set new ring tones on my telephone....I was getting quite tired of the old ones. So, for most---not all, I spent a few dollars (geez) and it seemed a few hours (geez) and searched for new music.

For my husband, who really thinks he is:

BAD TO THE BONE- George Thorogood

For my daughter who now really does have to, because she no longer lives here:

CALL ME - Blondie

For my youngest son, who really does seem to be all over the place:

RAMBLING MAN- Waylon Jennings

For my oldest son, who is the epitome of classic rock:

BEAST OF BURDEN- The Rolling Stones

For my youngest' girlfriend, who is just always "fun"

LITTLE DEUCE COUPE- The beach boys

My Mom, because I've hard her sing it, more times than I can count, back in the days when she was young, when she sang with my uncle's band...


And for Soul, because I could not find Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, (which I could not believe, btw)

BOOGIE BACK TO TEXAS-Asleep at the Wheel


Anonymous said...

aaah. but "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" as a ring tone... it takes forever to get to the refrain i bet..and people would be wondering...wth song is that??? LOL good choices there.

Summer said...

LOL! I love this post!

SOUL: said...

this is great, and it tells me you at least feel good in your "insides"
and geesh... now i have to go google a new song i don't know
ut i do feel special..i have my own ring tone! WOO HOO!!!

i gotta go take the kid to school
have a great day

ac said...

good post!

Portia said...

ha! those are awesome, and make a great post. i love the thought you put into everybody's ring tone. i imagine that did take a while- it seems to take me forever to pick just one;)

Maria said...

My ringtone for Bing is Ventura Highway. Hers for me is Crazy On You. But, we both joke that it should be "Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead" since we have been arguing all week.

Cheryl said...

So everyone gets their own ring tone? Very cool! You can tell I just have the generic one, right?

Andrew said...

Loved this post. The songs fit the people so perfectly. I especially loved Soul's ringtone. I know she is glad to be home.


ha! This was so funny!! Soul deserves an entire song! Great cute happy post!

I have a feeling that D will eventually pass along responsibility on a more permanent basis with the little kitties -that's usually the case with us kids and parents. :O) Hang in there. surgery will go fine, the reovery will be rough, but you will come out much better..I have no doubt! You're strong and you won't allow yourself to play the victim..
Happy Friday!