Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty

It's really pretty amazing, what two little balls of fur have done for this house. Each day when I arrive home, they both come running to the door----which I have heard is unusual for cats, but the both of them make it there before CrazyDog. They stand there and wait for me to talk to them although they act like it doesn't matter, and they both allow me to pet them, but that too, is on the run. The run, however, is not very far, as they walk a few steps and come back to rub up against my legs and wait for me to do it again. The cats and I "chat" while I do my usual end of the day routine, and they follow H and I around until we get settled for the evening. Once we are settled, they are either on our laps or very nearby, or they are running and chasing each other and putting on a show. Once in a while the larger furrier one, (the dog) , will get in the middle of it all, and it provides quite a lot of entertainment.

What is surprising to me, is H has always told me that he does not like cats. So, we have always had dogs. I used to have cats or kittens of some variety at all times. But I respected his feelings as dogs were a love of mine, too. But I have to say that for a man that doesn't like cats, he sure seems to love these. He talks to them as much as I do, I find them on the bed with him, and the other day, he cleaned the litter box! So, I don't think he knew what he was talking about too much. What he didn't like was the smell of a house with cats, and a litter box that was not well taken care of. Obviously, it does not have to be that way.

I talked with D yesterday, and she is quite happy in her new place, but missing her kittys. I can't say I blame her. I asked her if she wanted to come and get them, and she told me she didn't. I would never want her to think that I took her babies----I am well aware that they belong to her. She told me that she knows they are very happy here and she also knows they would be very lonely there, and her new apartment is very small, with little room for them to run and play like they have here. She wants to leave them here, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I know that one day she will take them, and that will be a sad day, indeed. Until then, I have cats to take care of! Later.


SOUL: said...

uh oh--- do i hear

"crazy cat lady ---empty nester syndrome" heading your way?????

i do beleive i do. hmmmm. but hey--- who says that is a bad thing??/
cats need love teeewww. right?

your animals btw, do sound much like mine.
they really are crazy ya know---think it's OUR fault? :))

i hope you have the BEST day possible...for you. i know it isn't easy for you these days....but just know that you are not alone. ok?
there are people who understand, and are pulling for and praying for you...EVERY day!!!

if people can pray josies cat through that ordeal...just think what prayer can do for YOU!!!!

have a happy day. it's hard to feel anything but pain and defeat right now--- i know that---- but hold on to your spirit jamie... you have a strong one... and you will get through this.

you will.


Gypsy said...

Animals are just the best antidote to pain and that's a fact! They make you feel so loved and like the most important person in the world. Tonight on my Avon round I was thoroughly entertained by a mum and dad dog and their 2 puppies. Mum and Dad were playing tug of war with a piece of rag and the little ones were trying to join in. When they realised they were outmuscled by their parents they just started rolling round the floor trying to bite each other's tails off. It has been a long hot day but the antics of those 4 dogs made me smile and lifted the tiredness from my body.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Neither my ex and my super son-in-law were cat lovers, and really didn't like them. But both were eventually won over by the cats themselves. Cats are smart enough to adopt people they need to impress, and now both these guys are the biggest mushes in the world when it comes to their cats. My daughter has four running in and out of her house! My ex was lost without his cat until I brought it back. They do bring so much joy and entertainment, and who doesn't like to be greeted at the door! I'm so glad you have these babies to add a few smiles to your hard days! I miss mine, but I'll see Smokey at Christmas time.

Portia said...

AW:) I'm sory D is missing her kitties but aside from that it seems like it worked out pretty good for you and the kitties. AND they won over the man of the house!
You ARE positive. I don't know how you do that but it is incredible and contagious:D Thinking of you and hoping your day is going well....

Portia said...

Not that you shouldn't be positive. Oh God here I go. I'm gonna stop here and just hope you know what I meant...cause I myself am a big crybaby...:)

Beth said...

I used to have cats...LOTS of cts! But my whole family is alergic to them, so we only have dogs...and I love them. But I miss that..."aloofness" of cats...they so don't care if you're there or not...feed them, give 'em a little box and a window to sit in, and they're happy.

evalinn said...

Cats are great. And very picky! U´ve obviously been approved of! :-)

Andrew said...

It is said that cats "own" their owners and not the other way around. I so like this post. It made me smile, and made me want to go find Maggie and see what she is doing. Our pets can bring us so much joy. Now, I want a cat, but my father would go crazy on me! LOL Take care Jamie. I will be talkin' in your box again soon as Soul Sistah likes to say.


JYankee said...

yes cats rule...not their were fortunate enough to have been "blessed".. LOL

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you have those kitties. They really seem to entertain you and are just so loving. My bird was the only pet I've had, and I did love him. We never had animals growing up, and I've never been a cat or dog person. I really think most people are.

CCC said...

Maybe H can take some pix of them!