Thursday, October 18, 2007

Proud Mary

Hey----Thursday. The days just keep rollin' along. Isn't there a song about that? No, the only one that comes to mind is Proud Mary, and that isn't the one I am thinking of, although now I have to use that as my title for the day. :)

I am the same today, no better, no worse, and I am at least accepting that the epidural didn't work. Or should I say it only worked for three days. I suppose when I see Dr Asshat next Friday he will do it again (oh yea) and I will manage to endure it somehow, but I surely hope it will last longer this time, because I am telling you, I didn't like going through it not even one little bit, and it really should last a little longer, if am going to be tortured that way.

I am sincerely hoping that today I can stay off my legs a little more, it has been crazy busy in every department at work, and that is why we are all there, so no complaints from me, but we are shorthanded in all departments too, but surely today everyone will be getting better. I am so worn out already this morning, and this will be a twelve hour day, I am just hoping for an easier day. Please? I have alot to accomplish today and half of tomorrow, H and I are taking off for the weekend, so I will be leaving work at noon tomorrow. It has been difficult getting anywhere near my own work all week, so I am doubly, no make that triply (is that a word?) buried.

D brought beautiful flowers to me at work. I was quite surprised. She is very excited to be moving, but she won't leave until the tenth of November. I don't know how I feel. I had to leave the flowers on my desk in my office at work, so the Kitties can't eat them.

I guess I should hoist myself off this chair. Could be painful. Have a good day. Later.


Summer said...

I am empathizing with you today.

SOUL: said...

do you know, i have trouble saying that word? empathizing. almost comes out like emphasising. tahd.

how nice of the kid to bring..send you .. flowers. awwww. too bad you couldn't take them home... but from the sound of things... work is a perfect place to be reminded that you are loved and thought about! :))

hopefully all your snot slingers will be back in full force today and you will be able to get caught up some at work. i really wish you weren't lookin at another 12 hour day. gawd, that seems like forever when you're in pain. i feel for ya. i do. or would that be emphasise? :))

anyhow... have the best day you can.. and i hope that turns out to be better than you expect!!!!

you know, expectations, only set us up for CRAP. so expect nothing... and get lots in return.

"holy hell".. do i sound like dr phil or what?
i am outta heah.

so glad you get a half day tomorrow.

c ya soon. :))

SOUL: said...

The days just keep rollin' along. Isn't there a song about that

would that be perhaps

the casons (?) go marching along?

hell, i dont know/


Cheryl said...

A twelve hour day? Too long! Especially with being in pain. I don't know how you do it. Well, we do what we have to, right? I wish you the best today.

Josie Two Shoes said...

So you have to endure this pain for another week before seeing the doc again? Damn, I think I'd just shoot him be not being more responsive to your situation! You've been in almost constant pain far too long as it is. I wish they'd send you to Mayo Clinic or someplace similar, where you could discuss options and GET SOME REST!

How long does your boss intend to go short handed? I know he's trying to sell the place, but it doesn't look like that is comin' any time soon, and he's going to kill you with the 12 hour shifts and doing everyone else's job too. In fact, when I shoot your doc, I might just have to shoot him too! :-)

On the up side, I'm delighted that you and H have plans to escape for the weekend. Lord knows you need to get away from that place! I hope you're going somewhere fun! Of course, at the moment, even stretched out in a motel bed probably sounds pretty darn good.

Love you much girl. Keep prayin!

Gypsy said...

Well I suppose no worse is something but not much really. I hope you and H have a restful weekend so your poor body has time to recuperate a little.

Take care of YOU!

Portia said...

AW:) That was so sweet of D! I'm so glad to hear you get an early Friday and the whole weekend off:):) I hope your Thursday is good all things considered, and you don't have so much running around to do!
later gator

Amanda said...

Asshat rates on my top 20 favorite words of all time. (Top 10 is reserved for 4-letter words only.)

I like the idea of you guys taking off for the weekend. Have fun.

And that really was very nice of D. :)

SOUL: said...

oh ya, jamie.. i forget to mention the weekend.
hope you have a GREAT time... !!!
get some rest and enjoy yourself...
see ya latah tatah

CCC said...

D is such a sweetie! My cats used to eat the flowers on the counter too. Then she'd yak it all up. For me to step in later. LOL :D


Awwwwwwww, so that's what it's like to have a daughter...I'll never know..that's cool that she did that..she has a kind heart..

I hope you're feeling much better!!! :)

ac said...

Have a great weekend!