Sunday, September 02, 2007

That's alright Mama

Just for the record, Life cereal should NOT have chocolate pieces added to it. It sucks.

Sunday----my favorite. No biking so far, the pain level in my left leg has reached critical stage, and frankly, I don't know if biking will help or hurt.

New books in the mail!!!!! One of them is the large print looks like a first grade reader....want to read it? Go ahead...the words are large enough, you can read it from there! (Is this really what my future holds...large print? ugh....)

I jumped on the Bourne bandwagon last night. I jumped right back off again. I thought the last Bourne movie release looked like it would be pretty good, and everyone said it was...but i had not seen the first two, and D just happened to have both of them...not my cup of tea, although H seemed to like it.

Twice this week, when I poured my first cup of coffee of the morning, the lid on the coffee pot came off...and that makes a big mess. Especially at four in the morning....I really need to move the fruit bowl to a different counter, coffee soaked grapes are not good.

Late race today, from I will be forced to stay awake tonight...oh the joys of my life.

Cat hair is a pain in the ass.

Have a great Sunday! Out.


SOUL: said...

jamie... log on dammit.. i been waitin for ya .. again... i'll comment in another bos, so you will see this one, and you best come talk to me!

simonsays said...

sorry darlin...i keep forgetting...

SOUL: said...

bos = box shit...

early here... oh well. can;t say i have any coffee pot disasters this morning..that about the only disaster not to befall me this morning. could be good?

although, my beloved coffee POT... my "free" Gevalia coffee pot... holy crap, not TAHT... but it is my ONLY coffeemaker, so i am very close to being screwed. why? because it is dying a slow and painful death. it still makes coffee.... but after a while... i realize that coffee has leaked from the then, i have a damn mess to clean every morning. a rental house...with stained carpets...and stained counter tops. i don't believe that i will see my quite large security deposit when i finally, if ever leave this place.

what are you gonna do about your legs jamie??? is there anything they can do..aside from simply drug you up???
as much as you want to....perhaps you shoud "step away from the bike"...just for a day, and rest those muscles... or nerves... or whatever it is that causes the pain. do you have a jet tub/. you mention showers, but maybe soakin in a hot tub would help... a little.

wish there was somethin i could do.
i do understand... not at the level you are at... but mine's enough for me. apparently yours is at the point that the doctors really need to figure somethin out!
there u r

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hi Jamie! Happy weekend to ya, finally! I totally enjoyed this update. Ahh, the ups and downs of livin'.

Ditto what Soul said on your legs, what are the docs saying about that - there's gotta be a reason! I so admire you for wanting to get on that bike and push thru the pain, though not sure if it's wise at this point either. I just want them to find something to make the pain stop for you. Geesh, don't you hate it when life comes along and slows you down? It sucks!

Hey, I might just have to go with the big print books not too far in the future. I read so much between computer and book time, that my poor eyes are all worn out at night. My new glasses helped a bunch though. The big print books do make ya smile to look at them - feels like being back in 1st grade and you except to read "See Spot run!" :-)

Eww, there is nothing I hate worse than starting the morning off with spilled anything - usually down the front of what I intended to wear to work. Coffee is such stainy stuff too. Coffee soaked grapes huh? Well, I've known people that soaked them in champagne for fancy breakfasts, can you pass 'em off as gourmet and feed them to the family? LOL

Somethin tells me you'll find a way to prop those eyes open for the late race tonight - hope the right guys win!

Cat hair - don't even get me started. That's the one thing I DON'T miss about not having my cats - they were long-haired, so the entire house was a furry blanket - had to put dark clothing on at the door!

Do have a kick back sunday - and share that pie recipe with us, sounded wonderful!!

BTW, I'm like you about hunting and fishing - just can't bear to think about hurting the animals, I'm a sap, I know.

SOUL: said...

i'll forgive ya jamie.
i got fishies today.... LOTS of fishies. but... not the big one. i'll get him tho. someday.
i'm on btw... cruisin... writin... gonna download pix soon, perhaps post sumthin ... if i don't fall asleep first. this heat is a killah !

ok.. i'm gone...again...