Saturday, September 29, 2007

Josie Josie Josie

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I asked Josie to interview me. And believe me, Josie knows how to ask the questions, as I am sure many of you already know. I am under alot of pressure here folks, I have been reading all of your answers and you are all so eloquent and honest. Hopefully, I can measure up. So, without further ado, here goes:

1. As I follow along in your blog day by day, I am amazed by your determination to keep going when most other people would have long since given up and stayed home. Where does that strength come from? Why is it important to you to keep dealing with life on your terms instead of letting the pain and illness define you?

All of my life, I have had to fight. I have had to fight to be thin, I have had to fight to be sane, I have had to fight to be respected, I have had to fight to be understood,I have had to fight to be taken seriously and I have had to fight to be healthy. I cannot give in. On any of the above. I will not be "that sick lady". Or "that crazy lady". Or the "fat lady". No matter what we do in this life, the things I describe above ARE the things that define us. And I will not be defined by anything so negatively. It matters to me, not only how i am viewed by others, but mostly how I am viewed in my own eyes. Jos, if I ever gave in to this illness of mine, I think I would surely die. Seriously. And while the years and my age have certainly taken a toll on me, and I really have nothing left to prove to myself or to anyone else, I have gotten myself boxed in financially---I have taken on so much for so many that I can't let them down. My kids, my mother, my sister....the list goes on. While I am alive and able, I will do all I can. Yes, I understand that I don't have to do all that I do. I want to. Otherwise, why are we here?

2. I know that you love dogs, and even reacted compassionately about the pitbull that attacked you. Where does your affinity with dogs come from? Tell me about a couple of the most beloved pets you've had.

I think most of you have read about my beloved Sharpei that died on March 22, 2005. He left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. And really, I don't think I would ever want to love another pet like that again. He meant way more to me than any dog should.

Growing up, we had cats and dogs, and I loved them all. Way back, when my real father lived with us, he had a German Shepard that he loved more than life itself. It was the only thing he ever really loved, although I thought he was mean to it, too. His name was King, and I loved him very much. My mother won him in the divorce, then gave him away as soon as the divorce was final.

I think that will do for the first installment. I will finish tomorrow!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Awesome, Jamie, just awesome! I am delighted with your answers! I am sitting here reading along on the first question and FINALLY, I thing I understand! I new - a little - about how hard you've had to fight, and I certainly know that you are a survivor, but now I get it about why you continue to push on. "No matter what we do in this life, the things I describe above ARE the things that define us. And I will not be defined by anything so negatively." That is true,so very true! (And hard for me to think about, but a excellent awareness!)

I haven't read the story of Snowman, since I came to your blog later. Can you tell me where to find it? I have had many cats, and a few dogs in my life, but there are some that you develop a true affinity with - it goes far beyond pets and owners. Stormy and Smokey were that way for me. God, how I miss those boys!

I can't wait to read more of your answers!! THANK YOU JAMIE, I adore you!

SOUL: said...

very good jamie.
for a girl with little to say... you sure can say a lot. (ya know what i mean/.?)
very , ummm, i think i need a thesaurus. i can never think of a word i want when i want it.

figures soul land would go haywire when i'm trying to think.
guess i'll come back latah and try again.

SOUL: said...

welp.. i'm back.

all i got is...
i understand.
you know i do. right?
and i'm sorry about snowball and king.
king was rough i know. sorry.

thanks for sharing yourself with us.
i do like to learn about you.
hope you are home, able to recover from your rough night out. and day at work.

c ya round.

SOUL: said...

me again....
i wasn't dismissing snowball... i understand how that was too.. like me and my midnight ya know. she lives in my soul. like a kid. i speak dog with her. and know everything she needs by just a look.. or of course the early morning face lick.. or pee pee dance :))
i know you love snowball.

i just meant ... i also understand the losing something / someone you love.. due to someone elses own deep selfishness. (i don't mean to talk bad about your mom... but ya know, i just think that was planned, and she meant to hurt him.. .. without maybe even realizing how you guys might feel.

ya know.
i'm shuttin up, and movin on.
take care.

Loz said...

Hi Jamie - thought I'd let you know that I got here from Josie's blog and I've added a link to you on my blog. I'll be back ;)

Anonymous said...

oooh did good! now I am looking forward to the rest of your are truly and inspiration to the rest of us...

SOUL: said...

i KNEW i did that!!!
i was in there washing my dishes..don't faint... i actually did. :))
anyhow.. all the while i was thinkin... i called that dog the wrong name!!!! it was killing me to finish the kitchen before coming to check.
i knew his name... i just got crossed between brain and fingers when i left the comment...and i HAD to come back and tell you.. it was my senile.. not my not listening, or caring, etc.

you just don't know how much that bothered me.
i know i know..... it's just the way i am.
anyhow.. where are you?
everybody has disappeared.

CCC said...

She gave away King? :::gasp::: That makes me very sad. ;( Waiting for your next installment. I always knew you were a strong broad! :D

Maria said...

That makes me so sad about the dog. I counseled a family once who was going through a rough divorce. In the settlement, the man got the woman's silverware that had been her grandmothers and in retaliation, when the woman got custody of the man's beloved dog, she sold it.

The pain people inflict on each other just amazes me sometimes. You sort of have to step back and try not to let it wash over you.

Portia said...

i love the interviews! your answer to #1 is exactly why you are inspiring!