Friday, September 21, 2007

The details...

Another Friday, and although I am not working this week, it has come and nearly gone with lightening speed. And I am still up way before the chickens (not that any of us decided what time the chickens really do get up)....wouldn't you think I could sleep in at least one day?

Yesterday was a completely wasted day. The whole thing centered around my dr appt, and really, I didn't learn diddly. Not that i thought I would necessarily, but I really know NOTHING more than I did. He did add another medication to my ever growing list of them, something I am not excited about, but hey---I went to him for help, what else can he do? He also scheduled an MRI of my back, or at least it is in the process of being scheduled, and seriously, it's about time that a dr did that. He also ordered MORE blood work. He also said that if this round of tests doesn't tell him anything that he will do a complete spinal MRI, and a spinal tap. He says that the chances are slim that I have MS, but he did say that he is concerned about a couple of other things it could be, and they certainly could be of a more serious nature. His words, not mine. MORE SERIOUS than MS? Great. He also wants to rule out NECROSIS of the spine, I cannot find any reference to that anywhere, but since I know that necrosis means death, that one didn't thrill me at all. I suppose I should maybe fill you all in a little here, in the event that you don't know my history---

I had a spinal laminectomy in 1994. I completely blew out the L1-L5 discs in my lower lumbar. No's one through three were repaired, four and five were degenerated beyond repair, but since then, I have had no trouble with it. The problems that I am having now are not the same as what was happening then, but in my mind, looking there first makes really good sense. But so far, not one doctor other than the one yesterday has thought so. Even he said it could be something like scar tissue pressing on my spine and causing the trouble. Also, back in 1994, I wandered around for more than eight months with my discs blown before anyone figured out that was the problem. Wandered is really the wrong word, as at that time, it got so bad that all I did was lay on my mothers sofa and cry, and wish to die. I crawled up the terrace into her house and didn't leave for weeks. Finally, this current dr that I went to yesterday, thought that perhaps and MRI of my back would be a good place to look, although none of my symptoms were in line with what was really going on. I thought he surely saved my life then, and i am hoping that he can help me now.

I also feel that I should tell you all that my younger sister was the next one in the family to have spinal trouble, and to date she had had at least four major back surgeries, countless epidural injections, etc. She eventually had a spinal stimulator installed into her body, which is a little machine that stops the pain signals going through the spine and re-routes them. She was one of the first in this country to have it installed, and that was probably eight or so years ago. She still struggles, but she manages to live.

Then, five years ago, my mother began to have the same problems, and she too has had countless spinal surgeries, and her spine is literally disintegrating, she has more metal screws and hardware in her back than you and i have in our homes. She too, has a spinal stimulator installed in her body. Now let me say that I DO NOT want to become the next one in the family to have such a thing, and that is part of reason that I have always been so adamant about exercise and keeping my muscles strong around my spine, but hell, in the past few years, just making it through my day has become a miracle. And I don't like this peek into my future. Not one thing about any of this is the slightest bit appealing to me, and it's pretty sad when having MS is the lesser of the evils.

So, that was my doctors appointment. I had promised that i would tell you all what happened, and really, I don't know anything yet. But I dread going through more tests, and it really irritated me that i had to waste a vacation day doing that bullshit. But then I went to visit my mom, I hadn't seen her in way too long. That part was good.

So, for now----I am out of here. Today, I am going to try and accomplish some housework. I have limited use of my legs but I can surely make some improvements on this place---two kittys and a dog can sure make for a lot of vacuuming. Hope you all have a great day. Later.


JYankee said...

Gosh Jamie,

I hope the same isn't happening to you. I also hope that this dr can save you once again..if they'd only find the root of the problem quickly!!!!

As for chickens..I think they decided this ALL on their own! Have a good day!

SOUL: said...

SHIT JAMIE...(sorry caps)

good side... it looks like you did find a pretty decent dr. who is willing to actually work FOR you. that's a miracle these days...and i don't know why it's soooo hard to get an MRI.... GLAD he will do one. and i hope it is SOON.

try not to freak out too much about what else he said...i will try to find more info for you on what you said one here. and get back with you.

i will catch up with ya later.

don't work tooo hard..

Josie Two Shoes said...

Well, thank God you at least have a doctor who is listening and looking. None of the possibilities sound good, but at the same time, anything they can figure out to take away this pain is worthy of consideration. It is very interesting that both your sister and mother have experienced major spinal issues, and now you, gotta be some connection there. Science still doesn't know enough about hereditary issues. I hope the new meds make you feel better instead of worse, and I hope that you take it pretty easy until Monday. You are still on vacation, so enjoy!

Portia said...

frickin A man. i hope this guy can help. it sounds like it's someone who helped before but hasn't seen you recently? maybe he can offer a fresh perspective, and hopefully it will be a good thing.

well i know you've got stuff to do, but i hope you get the chance to take it easy + enjoy the last few hours of vacation:)

SOUL: said... up????

Maria said...

Back problems are SO awful. I commiserate, really. I have sciatica and herniated discs.

And I know...the pain can be just mind boggling. I remember one day sitting on my sofa and just weeping after I got to Liv to pre-school. The pain was simply unbearable.

Maybe you will get some answers after the tests, huh?

I'm sending my best thoughts, you.