Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind

So, I REALLY can't keep up with this week. Wednesday already? Hell. Of course, that may be due to the fact that i have been laying on my couch for days, doing (legal) drugs. Pain killers. That. don't. kill.the.pain.

I went in to work on Monday, was only able to make it a few hours, but i did get a little accomplished, then pain ran my ass right back home. It was nice because we were closed, no one to bother me...Then I went into work on Tuesday, it was A Monday times one hundred...A Monday on steroids.....anything that could go wrong did, and that was at 8:05...I was back home, on the couch, by noon. Yes, I have TONS to do, and no, it really doesn't matter because I am dying, and when you are dying...little else is important. Owner left yesterday for California, so the whole place is up to me, and i have GOT to get my shit together. I had to do a car deal over the phone, and let me tell you, it's hard to know what a trade in is worth when you can't see it, and you are high on Vicoden...might be a pretty good time to trade, if you are the buyer. :)

I have only experienced pain of this magnitude one other time in my life, and that was when I had blown five of the lower discs in my back, months and months before, and gradually, the pain became unbearable, I was unable to walk then, too. I would think that would be a good sign that a doctor might want to do an MRI of my lower back, but so far, none agrees with me. The pain does not FEEL the same, but it became absolutely unrelenting, sort of like it is becoming now. I only hope it lets up a little so that i can function for a couple of weeks, this cannot continue. I have too many depending on me at work....holy holy hell.

And that is my life recently. Want to trade? Over and Out.


Portia said...

your health is the most important thing for sure- like you said nothing else matters much when you're dying. you are most definitely more important than any business! i'm so sorry to hear it has gotten worse.

Josie Two Shoes said...

I feel so bad for you, trying to run a business in that much pain. It amazes me that your boss doesn't see it or seem to care, and order you home for bedrest. Surely there's gotta be a doc somewhere that will address this now instead of in two weeks! If ou were in an auto accident they wouldn't say "wait two weeks". WTH! I hope you somehow manage to get thru the day, could be very interesting with the pain meds. Maybe you should let someone else do the car deals! LOL :-) Love ya, Jamie!

the landshark said...

two comments would rock my socks. i still love you.

SOUL: said...

jamie... hi...
i'm cruisin thru. my face IS a MOON!
i doesn't compare to your situation, but dammit... how can i show off my fish, when my freakin face is as big as my (B) ASS???
OMG! i look like william shatner!!!
i chokee, i chokee !!!!

i hope you feel better , even a little?
c ya.
take a pill, tip a bottle, do be do?

JYankee said...

yeah jamie you take care... runnin a business while nearly flat on your back!!! what is this world comin too???? and why is ur boss in cali???

Amanda said...


My heart breaks for you. This is just not right. If I could take away the pain, I would.

SOUL: said...

hey... whaddayadoin?

simonsays said...

All of you guys are so awesome. Again, I wonder what i would do without you. Thanks so much for caring...and making me laugh. I love each and every one of you, you know.

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