Monday, August 27, 2007

There's a tear in my beer

My mood is rather crappy this morning, and I have no real reason for it, tired, pain, the usual. But that should make today no different than any other, and I feel way different..... It honestly was a good weekend, and I had two whole days off, why would I be a pisshead this morning?

Yesterday, I rode my bike until I couldn't ride anymore, but that only took a little while, it seems this bike riding thing is getting harder, not easier. Then I could hardly walk when I got home, I managed to do the minimum...but I had my mom and stepdad and two of my kids here for dinner, so even the minimum was alot. I enjoyed it, though, and I hope my mom did. I don't see her often enough, and one day, I am going to wish I had.

Nascar ran their big race on Saturday night, and I like a night race, but i was so sleepy, I missed most of it. Tony came in fourth, so it was okay. Yesterday afternoon, I was a little lost without it, but I finished a good book. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon. I want more of those.

Monday again. A busy one at that. I am going in late, as I have to lay back down for a little while. I just don't feel right. I will catch you all here later. Out.


Anonymous said...

Oh no.. a bad start to a monday... well just hang in there.. hopefully it will be over before you know it! Know how you feel tho... mine was kinda the same.. nothing "wrong" per say... just cuz it's MONDAY!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh Mondays, how we loathe them. I hope that you feel a little better later on and are able to get thru the day ok, Tuesdays always seem easier to face. Sounds like your weekend was busy, but at least you did rest a little yesterday, that was good. I kicked back too - the house shows it. Is there a blog award for best procrastinator? I would win it! :-) Take care, love ya!

Portia said...

happy monday:) speaking of, monday is THE reason for any and all pissheadedness, if you need one;) i hope you got to feeling better. and if not, i sure hope you are resting up...but i know it's not as simple as i make it sound, so i won't go on.
YAY for family are so right about spending time with them when you can. glad to hear it was a good weekend:)

Andrew said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I was never a Nascar fan, but your enthusiasm for it is contagious. Let's face it -- monday's suck and I don't even work and it should just be another day. Mondays are busy with grocery shopping (which I hate) and helping my mother (which I love.) Take care friend and know that I am thinking about you.

SOUL: said...

hope the day improves after 8!
i'll be back