Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On and on....

Another day....another excessive heat warning. When I am bitching about being so cold this coming winter, will you please remind me that i was bitching about the heat in August, too?

Tuesday. Again. Work. Again. Pain in my legs. Again.Too much bicycling?

ps....I have been given the greatest award by Amanda, and I am so proud to get it! I am having a problem believing that I am very inspirational, but I so much appreciate that she thinks I am!
I will be passing it along..in the next couple of posts. Again Amanda, thank you so much!


JYankee said...

Jamie you are inspirational... you deal with life's problems...but you go on... you have pain in your legs...but you've taken up bicycle riding...I think you're an inspiration to A LOT of people... an award well-deserved.. Congrats!

JYankee said...

PS.. I got one too before...in my case... I REALLY don't know what it's for...hmmmm

SOUL: said...

yankee you're a trip.

mornin jamie!
congrats on the award! you really are inspiring.. i know there are many days you keep me going. when i whine about my pain, i remember, hell, soul, at least you have the option to take a nap or lay down at will... jamie has to work all the damn time... etc etc etc.
aside from your mental strength and inpiration... yes. you deserve this.

but... on the selfish side... I wnated to be the one to give it to you! call the whaaaaambulance!!!
josie gave it to me last night.. but i was BUI, and couldn't do much with it. then i found out that you already got it...already knew josie had it..duh..cuz she gave it to me... i imagine you'll give it to portia eh? soooo who does that leave me???
hmmm... watch me pull a blogger outta my ass.. umm i mean hat.
i don't know anyone else. everyone either has it, or is gettin it.
but hey... that's alright eh?
just means , umm . at least a umm.. i don't know. at least i chose me some inspirational blog pals.. that's what it means. cuz if everyone i know is inspirational enough to have the badge... well then... i guess i just know how to pick em.
ahhh shuddup. i just woke up.
have a good day. at least monday is over with., tHANK GOD,
that one really felt like a monday.

SOUL: said...

PS: love the new colors!!!

the landshark said...

i did a double take on the pink. but they say it's the new black. or something like that. maybe that was last season, i don't remember. whatever. i still like it. :)

Portia said...

congratulations on inspiring us all Jamie! you are a strong woman for sure and that's what i find inspiring. when i feel like collapsing under the weight of my issues i think of the strong women in my life, real and blogging, and you come to mind every time.

oh, and i hate the winter too but this hundreds of wet degrees stuff is just silly.

Alissa said...

I'll remind you in the winter, but come fall and spring, I want to hear nothing but how perfect the weather is treating you, got it? lol :)

Maria said...

I know...this heat is just...sickening. What did people do without a/c? Were they all fainting in droves or are we just a bunch of pansy asses?

Josie Two Shoes said...

LOL Jamie, I am just like you - I bitch when it's hot, I bitch when it's cold. Maybe I just like to bitch?! :-) Ideally, I would like to live somewhere that it's 72 degrees all year round. Ahhh, that would be heavenly!

Hope you survived your day and that tomorrow you wake up with your legs hurting less. It is miserable to start the day in pain. Did you bike tonight?

Josie Two Shoes said...

I was delighted that Amanda gave you the Inspirational Blogger award, if she hadn't - I would have! Sorry I took one of your "picks" - we all share the same blog friend favorites, so the list gets short quickly! Actually, honestly, all the blogs I read are inspirational - that's why I read them! The more we get to know each other the more we share - and the more we learn that WE CAN! :-)

Josie Two Shoes said...

I often wonder what Maria does - how did everyone survive before AC - we sure didn't have it in our house growing up. Nor in offices or schools. All we had was one big fan in the living room - us kids used to sleep on the floor there at night when it was just too hot upstairs in our rooms. Yeah, I think we have become a spoiled bunch, but I'm not giving my AC back!!!

simonsays said...

Maria and Jos, I have wondered that, too. I suspect that we are all just pussies these days, and can't take the heat. I wouldn't give mine up either, jos. No way!

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words, what would I do without you all? xo

simonsays said...

Soul, thanks for leaving portia to me...and i love the waaaambulance line....I used it the other day, an employee was whining, and I asked if they wanted me to call he waaaambulance, but they didn't think i was funny...i wonder why...teehee

SOUL: said...

we keep missin each other!
are ou still here?

my kid hates the whaaaambulance line too..but me and hubby use it on her a lot. i love it! i say it to / about myself too sometimes.

i stole that line from some bruce willis movie .. can't remember it now.. so don't be tellin anyone it's my line k. but i do use and like it.

anyhow.. i wonder if i'm gonna catch up to you before you get offline....hmmm.

if not..have a good day