Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I am so frustrated with my life right now. I am so frustrated with my job----I am so DAMNED frustrated with the service department, and there is nothing I can do about it. It is a freakin' train wreck back there. If I don't spend every minute of my day being the service manager then customers pay. I cannot have that. I have a parts manager who was to learn the service end of things, and he is quite capable, he just won't do it. I would fire him, but I cannot do the parts side of it all. I am not good at being a parts manager, and no one in the place is, either. I am in no position to hire from the outside, we are after all, up for sale. No one in their right mind would want to come to work there with the future so uncertain. My parts guy really is capable of doing better than he is..although I believe his limitations are are more restrictive than I first believed. However, I see nothing on his part, he is not even trying. I cannot for the life of me understand what he thinks he will gain by acting this way. I am going to blow up at him, and that is not a good way to act, regardless of why. I am trying to maintain my dignity and professionalism. I seriously don't know if I can.

So, last night after work, I went out and drank. It helped for a little while, but then the reality of Tuesday hits. Damn. And I still have the issue to deal with. Maybe today, things will go more smoothly. Yea, right. Out.


JYankee said...

I think we're ALL having bad work days... work week...work century??? Frustration is slowly accumulating where I am too... Things don't change just cuz of where you are I guess.. (Gosh ain't I a downer...)

Mike M said...

Great blog! I will be back for more!!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh Jamie, I can sure relate to your frustration, and you are in a bit of a bind there, with an unwilling employee but the place up for sale. It sucks that it falls back on you to pick up the slack. Any word on when the sale will be final? Line that lazy butt against the wall and tell him to start pulling his weight - diplomatically of course! :-)

Portia said...

i hear ya! frustration is a terrible feeling. i know. i hope you get to kick back and enjoy your 4th!

Alissa said...

Maybe he's acting this way because you are for sale, and he doesn't have high hopes...Whatever the reason, it's a pain to have to pick up the slack for people.

Maria said...

Ok. I am just going to say my REAL opinion...to hell with the torpedoes.

I honestly believe that women make better workers than men. I have worked for both and find that, in the long run, women are more conscientious, harder workers and more company loyal. I have had a few really fun male co-workers, but when I have needed something done and done right the first time, I almost always choose one of the women.

SOUL: said...

well, if i lived out there, i'd work for ya. i agree, women are better workers...more determined, and just git er dun type. ya know.
maybe someone will show up looking for work...never know.
hope you have a good night.
just try to find the hilarity in the situation. try to laugh at his stupisity rather than get frustrated??
hell i don't know.. i have not even had a real job in like 10 years or more. not that i wouldn't if i could.
anyhow.. i updated if ya wanna go see.. i also added some eye candy! :)

CCC said...

Please tell me that he is *not* getting paid more than you. (!!!) If your employer know whats good for them, they'll give you a bonus post haste. He probably knows that you will swoop in and save his ass. Maybe that's why he's not up to par yet. Or maybe he's a dumb ass. Hence the slacking (have you heard back from that other interview??) . I feel your pain. You're a hard worker...I hope they pay you what you're worth, sweet lady! ;)

Beth said...

ya right.....just go kick some ass at work! You can do it!

I still can't get over that you used to massage fat women!!!

SOUL: said...

hey... where's the big 4th of july post?
i know you're on here...you just talked to me on my page. :)) i replied btw.

anyways...have a happy humpday///
it's almost thursday...which is close to friday... which is ALMOST saturday! woo hoo.

c ya

SOUL: said...

PS: for someone who didn't like "queen earlenes finest" for a blog title... ummmm.... perhaps you might change it on your link list? just a suggestion. i am SURE that it is not on YOUR list of priorities.
have a "grand" day.
i like that word...every time i use it... i hear it in my daughters voice.

simonsays said...

Soul, I will get around to changing it, I promise. WTH are you doing up so early?

SOUL: said...

i'm always up early. some days just earlier than others. today i got up at 430... pretty much the norm as of late. between 4 and 5. sometimes i sleep in.. ya right.. till 6...but RARELY, if ever later than that. and THAT is with 3mg xanax at bedtime! without sleep meds.. i would surely NEVER sleep. in fact..before i got the rx... years ago... i didn't sleep.
anyhow, i shall catch ya later