Monday, July 02, 2007


I have been tagged again....eight more boring facts about me. I don't know if I can do it, but I will try. I am supposed to do all the damned rules and stuff again, I think all of you know them by now, and I am just to damned lazy this am to do it correctly-forgive me Amanda---but here goes:

1. For a short period of time, I had a job massaging fat women----I don't know where my head was then, it didn't seem too gross then, although in retrospect, ewwww. It was for weight loss-and there was nothing inappropriate about it. When I was young, I tried about everything, at least once. If you knew me now, you would know that I am NOT the touchy-feely kind of person that you need to be for this job...perhaps this is why. :(

2. When I was seventeen, I went to a party where i lost about six hours, I still don't know what happened, the only thing I can figure is that I was drugged somehow----I won't tell you the circumstances of when I became aware again, suffice it to say that i am still freaked out about it.

3. I would rather sleep on the couch than in my bed.

4. I have been using Mary Kay skin care and cosmetics for more than thirty years, I have tried others, I keep coming back to it.

5. I cannot eat turkey without cranberry sauce-the jelly kind, not the whole berry kind.

6. I have had grey in my hair since I was 23----that's what daughter's will do to you. I had no sons yet. :)

7. I wanted to be a state trooper back in the day, I applied to the academy and was accepted after I had moved out of state. Wasn't meant to be, I decided. That's particularly funny now, since I have such great love for all things LAW.

8. I can hang bracelets from my nose---it turns up---the only real talent I have ever had...teehee!

Boring, boring me. There you have it! I invite all of you to do it again, why should I be the only one to have to struggle through it?


Anonymous said...

That's cool. Grey hairs eh??? Well, we'll see how grey Aly makes me... it's starting already! I've already done MY 8 I think I'm SAFE for awhile.

Amanda said...

Hey, thanks for doing this. Not at all boring. :)

I started getting white hair 4 years before I had my son, so I really can't blame him. I guess that was the karma for being such a difficult daughter. ;)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Ewww, I couldn't do the massaging thing either, in fact I won't even get a massage for me! The only time I'm touchy-feely is in romantic situations, otherwise it's "hands off"! I am a huggy person though, I think hugs are cool, they break down walls. :-)

Hmm, the party... you would leave out the details, but our imagininations are running rampant! LOL

Can we have a picture of the bracelets trick? hehehe

Beth said...

you are SO not boring!!! But why did you want to be a state trooper? My husband is one and I hate the patrol!! ;)

so I need to hear the story of the lost 6 hours.....

SOUL: said...

i love the grey hair comment ! beats a stroke i guess... but yep.. GIRLS. geesh
how in the world do we grow up to be so damn wonderful, after being such evil children?? LOL

CCC said...

Massaging fat women???

What are we talking...50...100 pounds overweight? we have this on video?

Not that I am into fat women being massaged or anything...

I just think it would be...kinda hilarious.

Did they moan much? :D

Portia said...

i thought those were 8 interesting things, especially no. 1. maybe because i used to want to be a masseuse. if there was any inkling left in me to do that, you just squashed it:)

simonsays said...

Ha ha ha ha ha...ccc, it really was pretty gross, something about the toxins in your was a big scam, then they went into a sauna....yeah, it went out of business pretty quickly....

LOL @ portia

Soul--I was a perfect child..insert evil laugh here!

jyankee-Amanda-the grey hair was from her, I fact, she is still causing it!

Josie---and Beth---no need to bring up the party, that really was a scary thing. i have no idea what really happened. :(

Beth- I really used to want to be a cop, now I pretty much hate cops, present company's husband excluded, of course! :)

SOUL: said...

hiya... thanks for linking me on your page... i keep forgetting to say that.

SOUL: said...

oh, and "perfect child" ... suuuuure.

Mike M said...

Hardly boring!

Great blog! I will be back for more!!


Missy A said...

You can hang bracelets from your NOSE! love to see that
I can massage feet, doesn't worry me but a whole person never learned to do a whole person .. just feet

Spot said...

I can't eat turkey without jellied cranberry sauce either yummy. Grey hair since i was a teenager, my daughters accelerated the process though. I'm dying to see the bracelet hanging from the nose trick.

Shaved the grey