Sunday, July 08, 2007

REALLY rusty literary skills

I think that perhaps a weekly poem would be a good thing----a taxing feat for my brain, but that is always good. I like haiku's, I always have....and as a child I loved ee cummings, I was never too big on the "romantic poetry", but I was never to big on romance, or if I was, I cannot remember that "me". This week, I think I will attempt haiku....cut me a little slack, I am REALLY out of practice...

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Oh wait a minute, that's not a haiku...teehee

Sunday...Poetry...if you can call it that:

i woke up in a "glow" puddle this morning
let the kitties stay out all night
one of them has a really loud engine

spent the early morning catchin' up with bloggers
and found out I am a schmoozer
i think i like that

it is sunday, my favorite
and I think i may be alone all day
another favorite

a GREAT race on tv this afternoon
i love them so much but generally sleep through alot of it
old age really sucks

had dinner with my momma last evening
conversation turned sad
i will blog about that soon

There you ee cummings haiku....good heavens....get them straight! teehee



Anonymous said...

Hey, not bad for being RUSTY. Hellava lot better than I could do at this point.... Aren't haiku's 7 5 7 tho? (Whatever.. doesn't really make any difference eh...)

simonsays said...

I am sure you are right have to remember, I haven't been in school in like a thousand years! I will have to work on that....

SOUL: said...

i forgot the numbers.. but who cares... i like your haikus...
or should i say hi-schmooze lol

pretty good stuff jamie

have a great day.

btw... between you and josie posting all this poetry... i am beginning to feel the pressure to dig up one of mine. i just hope it's not a "tear jerker"


i am OUT of smokes, and MUST go now... or die

smoke hard or die tryin
ok it's lame...gimme a break

abbagirl74 said...

Loved the poem. I was noticing your pics. The one of you in Vegas, you remind me of Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. She is very pretty. You look so much alike in this picture.

CCC said...

Actually, if you went a tad darker (like add in something about booze and blood), it may have resembled Bukowski. I liked it!!! And I know what you mean about the falling asleep thing while watching a fav. show...why do we do this? :D

Josie Two Shoes said...

I loved your poem, Jamie! What a fun way to share your new day with us! I love that we can "self-publish" here on our blogs with no fear of rejection. You did some great picture images and thoughts here, it was a fun read! I am terrible about structured poetry of any kind (it follows, since I can't structure a sentence properly either). Come to think of it, I tend to defy structure period... oh,oh, I think I see a deeper issue here! LOL :-)

Loved, "kitties with loud engines" - yes, they demand breakfast on time, those damn little inner alarm clocks they come with!

I hope you have a nice relaxing day to yourself, Jamie, they are few for you and you deserve it!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

By the way, Jamie, it's delightful to see you in such an upbeat mood this AM, nothing like a day off to do that, huh?! When my friends are happy, I'm happy too! :-)

simonsays said...

Thanks so much for all of your comments!

Abbagirl, that is so sweet----I really think your eyes must be as bad as mine, but I sure do like that they are!

CCC-I have old age to blame for falling asleep, I don't know what your reason might be. :)