Monday, April 23, 2007

Pretzels and coffee, the breakfast of champions

Have you ever wondered what the hell happens to your hair when you sleep? I woke this morning with some sort of nest built into it, WTF? I know I do not move my head back and forth all night long, and yet this am, it looks as if I did. Good thing no one gets up around her at this unGodly hour, I would hate for anyone to see me in such an attractive state.

My day yesterday was not spent quite the way I would have liked it to be, H and I had to rescue YS, car troubles, now I have to find a way to get another vehicle from point A to point B today. But no problem, I don't mind, I'll figure something out. Swell.

I slept through the Sopranos and most of the Apprentice last night, although I did see the end, and who won. This year, the apprentice wasn't quite what it has been in the past. Perhaps it has run it's course. I really don't like "reality" television, and I really don't understand that name,because it is the farthest thing from reality that i have ever seen. I will have to catch up on the Sopranos later---I am grateful for my DVR---but really early in the show, the satellite went out ----from a short lived storm----and we must have missed about ten minutes of it.

I don't understand why some people read this blog of mine----I know who they are, and they wouldn't give me the time of day in real life. Why they want to bore themselves here is beyond me. I am speaking of some people that I really know,that have been a part of my life in the past, not the friends that I have made here. They are like window peekers. Obviously, they are unable to move on with their lives, and I certainly can't control who reads this, in fact, it makes no difference to me, but do they seriously think that i am going to write something that would make them happy/upset them/excite them? I'm sure that all of us that put our lives out there for everyone to read has this kind of stalker---and it just surprises me. Maybe they don't understand that we can tell who is reading us, and maybe they don't care. But I think they do, I think they don't want us to know who they are, and i think it will surprise them that we know who stops by. Isn't technology a wonderful thing? Blogstalkers. I really like that term.

Monday again, wasn't that day just here? Off to the ICS, after a couple of hours at the garage, then back to the garage later in the day. Whoo hoo. Another really long day. Hope yours is good, and mine, too. Later.


SOULMANGE: said...

blog stalkers. that's great.
anyhow... i watched both the shows you mentioned...and really i wondered who would be the first to mention the sopranos episode...i would like to know if you had the same thoughts i had about one of the characters, and the timing of his appearance in the show.
after you see it of course.
also, this is the first time i've watched the apprentice for the whole season...hubby has always watched it, but i never gave it a chance. but anyhow..i still didn't love it...but it was fun to have "other people" to despise! LOL
hope you have a "feel good" day !

Beth said...

lurkers.....why don't they make themselves known? why read someone's private thoughts and stuff and then just go away without saying hi? I always try to leave something.

and I LIKE your blog!

Amanda said...

I read because you're an interesting person and because I love the sassy writing style. :)

SOULMANGE: said...

i am sooo with you Beth, even people i real life...will not "say anything"...sometimes after i pour out my SOUL on those pages. other times, a certain person i know extremely well...if this person says anything at is posted by "anonymous"... or in private e-mail.

funny thing... this fact...along with a few others.. is beginning to lead me to wonder if i should stop writing my blog altogether.
i began it, as an outlet of sorts, but still...many times i -- at least I think, that what i say on there deserves SOMETHING.
anyhow... maybe it doesn't.
but i do appreciate it soooo much when people do "talk to me".

blogstalkers. haha. i actually used that word in a sentence last night to hubby. his response? he scoffed. he said... blogs are the world of adult MYSPACE. ok. whatever.

someday i will write my book...the blog is just priming my writing style. well, i can dream.

ok. laterz.