Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Television Rant

I didn't die. Although mid-puke, I wanted to. But that part is over, I am now left with my body getting rid of bad stuff, but through another route. Ughhh. This one hit me like a freakin' freight train, one that I didn't see coming. But it is over now, and I don't need to say any more about it. So, how's life with you? Mine is behind again, but that is normal for me. I will have tons to accomplish today, but anything is better than laying around, watching really horrible television. And I do mean horrible. Tyra Banks has a tv show---what the hell? It is really bad, and I do mean BAD. What on this earth makes her qualified to have a talk show? I know she is quite beautiful, but that doesn't make you smart, or even entertaining. And she missed the train on both. That was only one bad show that i happened to see part of. I cannot believe the level that reality tv has hit, and who the hell watches this stuff , anyway? A big, fat, hugely pregnant, Tori Spelling has a show starting this week about running an inn? Good heavens. Who cares? I mean who really cares? I suppose I am not a good judge of any of it, I hate talk shows, even the good ones, I don't care about any of the stars lives, it bores the crap out of me, and reality shows----not my thing in the least. Except for The Apprentice, and this year, it really isn't that good. The Donald took it too far when he moved it to the west coast with the whole tent thing, and if he doesn't get that dog-faced, monotone-speaking daughter of his off of the show, I am going to give up on it altogether. Bring back my Sopranos, or even Entourage. I am waiting for both of them. In the meantime, I just don't watch too much tv. Hope your day is great. Later.


Amanda said...

Anything is better than laying around, watching really horrible television.


the landshark said...

i feel the same way about tony danza. i don't know who gave him a talk show, but they'd obviously never heard him speak before.

simonsays said...

Amanda and Landshark----you are both so right!